Thursday, January 05, 2012

Neighbors visiting... And back to the "shop".

Had a few visitors the other day...

We have avoided scaring these birds, they seem to keep the bug level down.  They seem to realize this, they will watch us, and make little nervous sounds when Rudee is out, but except when I have opened the door and they are on the porch (!), they don't scatter or fly, as a rule.  They just keep doing what they do.  

(Which, fortune would have it, hasn't included much doo, at least in the walkways...)

I was worried they would get into my garden, as one year they completely destroyed my shade garden, tore it to bits.  Turns out, they were going after seed dropped from the bird feeder.  I moved the feeder, no more problems.  And they never went into my vegetable garden, Husband and I kept track, but never found evidence of it.  

They seemed a bit shy when I came out with the camera and started taking photos, but once they figured out I wasn't going to walk to them, they settled a lot, and I think I took some fairly nice pics.  I don't know if they were wet, or if that is normal, but they looked glossy.  Almost as if they had oil on their feathers...  I think some of the old men birds are gone, we have looked, the males in the group are just starting to get blue wattles and beards.  One of our neighbors does not like turkeys, and calls Fish and Wildlife to have them moved.  I don't know if these birds have figured it out, (she lets her dogs roam "to keep the birds out"), or she just hasn't called yet.  We, as well as the neighbor across from us, would like the birds to stay, both for the enjoyment factor, as well as "bug patrol". 

Ah, life in the megalopolis... (HA!)

In other news, I was finally, after about a month and a half, able to go back to the substation (or, as informally known, the "cop shop") yesterday.  It was nice getting back, I started a newsletter, so I was busy most of the afternoon.  One of the deputies realized I was back, and I heard the broadcast radio click on to a country station.  (He's not a big Petty fan...)  I played some Junior Brown, Asleep at the Wheel, and Doc Watson, just for fun, and he looked rather oddly at the computer when he went by...  

Ah, and had a "regular" come in.  She comes in about once every month or two.  She complains about the same thing, I explain that it is a job for the State Police, because of where it's located.  I give her the phone for the State Police.  She thanks me, then leaves.  I am so curious if she ever actually CALLS the State Police...  I would guess not, since I see her so regularly.  At least she's polite, I guess.  Better than a lot of them I deal with.  I am not even sure if I am the only one that has dealt with her.  Somehow, it wouldn't surprise me if the whole lot of our volunteers have probably met her at some point...  

I picked one of the deputies brains about a story point, and I forget how often they have to deal with people's questions.  I started with "I hope this question makes sense".  He responded, "I'll work with what I get..."  with a big smile.  As it turned out, I was on the right track, and will be able to use the information he gave me in the story, which pleases me immensely.  We also swapped some personal stories about families, law, and less than legal doings in the community.  

It is nice to be back!


  1. Those turkeys make me want a flock of my own (wild or not).

  2. I wonder why your neighbor doesn't like the turkeys? Maybe she is one of 'those' people that needs something to make noise about. I love your pictures of them and I am for anything that keeps the bugs down.

    Congratulations on getting into jail again, hee hee. I'm sure it is nice, after so long.

  3. They are glad to have you back, i'm sure.

    Nice turkeys. As for the neighbor, it amazes me that people move out to the country to be close to "nature", then get upset when animals come by.

  4. Welcome back! Hope you doing ok now! Praise the Lord for anything that eats bugs!!!!! Neighbors be damned! oops did I say that.........!!
    Take care!!

  5. Funny, the turkeys look just like a very much larger version of the California Quail that come and visit us. One sentinel bird, keeping watch, while the rest of them peck away.

  6. It's nice that you are happy to be back! Too many people do things and aren't happy.
    I love the wild turkeys. We used to have them in SC - they would roost in our tall pine trees at night. It was funny to watch them awkwardly fly down in the morning.


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