Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Odd little funnies...

Dateline, New Year's:

Woke to gunshots, lights from fireworks, dogs barking, crackle of noisemakers.  We'd celebrated by kissing about 9 or so, and had gone to bed.  So I listened to the cacophony, then heard Husband mumble something.  I figured he was awake, so I leaned over and said "Happy New Year, Honey", and gave him a kiss.

He opened his eyes, looked completely confused, smiled, then said, "I love you, too, honey, but what did I do to deserve that?"

It was then that I realized he'd been talking in his sleep, and he hadn't heard a thing...

Dateline, yesterday:

I still have to have a little help with my bath, I have a "shower seat".  I have Husband stay in the house, in case something untoward would happen.  I undressed, took my glasses off, (I have horrid vision without my glasses), and got in the shower.  I started to turn on the shower, when I realized there was a spider on the floor of the shower.  I am nearly phobic of spiders, and had nothing handy to vaporize said spider, so I started screaming my lungs out for Husband to get something to kill it.  I think it went something on the order of "GETITKILLITGETITGETITOMGGEEEETIIIIT!"   He ran in, grabbed a shampoo bottle and smacked it on the spider.

It went pif.  He hit it again. Pif...  He then leaned down close, and then picked up the "spider", while I recoiled in unmitigated horror.

"Honey, you were screaming about a rouge yarn ball."  He then showed me the little black ball of felted fluff, that had scared the living daylights out of me...  Husband laughed for at least a few minutes as he threw away said rouge yarn ball...

So much for the big, strong woman...

Eep...  : /


  1. It's okay, we all have our "get it for me!" things that we yell for help with.

    And what a way to celebrate New Years! Tell him the kiss was for all the spiders he got last year, and a bit of prepayment for the ones he will get this year.

  2. ROFL - What a fun story! That poor, little, innocent, ball of fluff!

  3. Now that is funny. B

  4. Well that was a little embarrassing......especially since it sounds familiar........!
    ~~Rain :)

  5. I can relate to the spider story. And I'm so glad that we live so far from everyone so no noise on New Years. I remember living in LA and Pasadena with dogs. How scared we all were. No way to celebrate holidays as far as I'm concerned.


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