Wednesday, January 18, 2012

See what the day brings...

I keep listening to the weather, and they are talking storms with high winds for this area. (Oh, joy...)  I am on shift, right when they are supposed to pick up.  Husband decided I shouldn't drive, (big surprise...), and so he will take me in.  We have firewood put up, and some fuel for the generator, the emergency supplies, so we are set if the power should quit.  I sincerely hope it doesn't, but we shall see... 

Or not see, if the house is dark. 


On the bright side, I will also be getting my first haircut since... Uh... Well before Thanksgiving!  I don't quite look this bad yet, but I think that my creative methods of keeping the hair out of my eyes are getting more and more limited. I haven't quite come to the point of rubber banding the bangs over my eyes like my MIL did to her shihtzus, but close.  

Husband asked, well, why don't you just grow out the bangs to the length of the rest of your hair.  Which, I suppose, I could do.  But I had that hair style, and it is really limiting on what you can do. Pony tails continuously, at least to keep the stuff out of my face.  And I have heavy, thick, hair, which gives me neck and head aches if I let it grow too long.  So, no.  Plus, it's starting to look 'ratty', some growing a bit faster, so it's uneven.  All things being equal, it is so time to get this taken care of...

The Case of the Scale Stuff.
On my scale stuff to the side.  I am going to make a change.  It is getting so ponderously long, I am only going to show my last ten weeks.  It will still 'keep me honest' to the fact I need to lose weight, but won't take so much of the side space.  I will put the short goal up top (i.e., I am aiming for 220 at this point), that way it's obvious what is happening...  I am even being honest that I gained 2 pounds this week.  Not getting enough exercise and eating more, yep.  Fairly one to one correlation there... *sigh*  So, I go on, work on dropping it... Rag on me folks, I have been letting this slide.  I know that, even though I can't get out much, I should be able to get the weight going DOWN... Hmph.  

So, I hope to be reading blogs and possibly writing more blogs, but we shall see what Mama Nature has up her sleeve.  the animals are as ready as I, uh, well, Husband, can make them, so we shall see what transpires...  I don't know if it's an improvement for Buzz, she had never been around snow, that I can remember, she HATED that stuff, it was falling, and she'd run on the porch and glare at it, then lick her coat like crazy to get rid of the snow.  She does fine with rain (she is a cat from Oregon, after all), but the snow threw her a complete curve ball!  


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  1. Your description of Buzz made me laugh.

    Okay, rag you about the weight. May i suggest the book "The Mouth Trap" by Pam Young. She doesn't write up a diet, she tells you how to get your subconscious, or "inner child", to cooperate with whatever diet you choose.

    Hope you don't lose power.


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