Sunday, January 01, 2012

Two faces of Janus...

Happy New Year!

So, one of the old superstitions of New Year's is that you will do all year what you do today.

So far that has consisted of watching Sunday Morning, getting dressed, doing dishes, and setting up a new photo for my blog. (This month I stuck with BTK, just a slightly different effect.)

Um.  Loose translation, guess I won't be doing a whole lot different from last year.  Meh.

I was watching some of the events from 2011, and I was talking with Husband a bit.  I am at the age where "I can remember..." creeps into the conversation, on occasion.

2011 was the year the last Space Shuttle went up.  I remember the first one going up.  I actually got up and watched on it on TV.  (On a black and white 10 inch TV, which probably didn't give me the full effect, but I digress...)

(Do they even MAKE black and white TV's anymore???)

Prince William and Kate were married.  I remember when Prince Charles and Lady Diana were wed.  (And all the other things after...)

I remember the US getting into countries that we are now leaving.

I remember this dorky computer that didn't seem worth the effort to get, (anyone remember the OLD Macs?), that now seem ubiquitous to our society as a whole.

Ok, I think I will stop this, as it is making me feel like I should be checking for my AARP card. (Which I teased Husband about getting last year...)

Do I have any resolutions? No.  I only jokingly make one, to not make any resolutions, so I can break it and be done with it.  I guess I don't have the whole clean sweep of the new year thing going.  Again, meh.

So, I will get better, the leg will heal, hopefully I will get the llama fiber made into yarn THIS year, (ahem), write on the book, and garden, and volunteer for the Sheriff's Office some more.

The rest is gravy...


  1. hey, that's better then me. i'm at the stage where "i can't remember!" lol

    have a happy new year!

  2. Aah, I remember my Mother saying that thing about the first day of the year. That would be wonderful, if only it were true! To get the dishes done every day and the stove cleaned off and make an edible meal - wow, that would really be something else! :-)

    No resolutions either, really. Why resolve to do something that I know I can't/won't follow through with in the first place? I do not need any more guilt trips, right?

    2011 was a pretty cruddy year, 2012 HAS to be better.

    I use that 'I remember' phrase quite a lot, the frequency is gaining every year! ;-)

  3. Well, heck. I should have a great year! I rode the horses and did some sewing. I actually wrote some note cards to friends! Well, dinner? We may be in trouble there - we just had hot dogs, should have done Hoppin' John - but it's just not my thing!

    Have a great New Year.... playing with photos, watching TV, doing dishes... all while you are dressed! Way to go!

  4. Good luck in 2012... and good luck on the book. I too am working on one... so here's to many creative thoughts for the both of us in 2012!

  5. Sounds like a good plan for the year.

    Do i remember? Some, but the memory goes after a while, and i get the fun of learning it all over again.


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