Monday, January 30, 2012

Weather. Or not...

I took some pictures yesterday, we were going to get some rain in, and the clouds looked interesting.  When I went outside, I found out the sun had risen only on the neighbor's field.  We were still getting ready for sunshine, I guess...  Thought it looked nice.

I thought this looked a lot like freshly cut fiber from a llama or sheep, but I tend to be thinking about that right now...  It looks a bit like an unrolled roving.  

Yes, I have fiber on the brain.  If not in it...

A larger view, which almost looks like a storm, or some such, but this little bit of clouds, never did do anything...

This is Brassy, our mascot.  He is finally getting to have some character, he was incredibly shiny when we first put him up, brilliant copper color.  Now he's getting some tarnish, some verdigris, and it's making him look much better, in my opinion.

This is the garden, asleep for the season.  Husband had to do a repair on the fence, we don't know exactly what happened, but there were deer tracks leading up to the corner of the fence, and the fence itself was leaning at about a 45 degree angle.  (I leave the gate open to let the deer come in and eat the grass...)  The deer might have spooked, or just not gauged the jump right.  Husband has it fixed now, though.  

This is such a great picture of Rudee, I almost hate to tell you how I got it.  I was trying to get his attention, and he wasn't interested.  Then I cracked a LOUD fart.  He snapped to attention, ears up!  WHAAAT???  I guess, if it works, it works...  

And this last one?  This is why you feed the llama BEFORE you take the picture...  The camera barely escaped a nose print!


  1. Love the llama nose. I call that getting up close and personal - I've never been quite the close in person!
    I'll have to remember the fart trick! :-)

  2. 'Brassy' looks like he is coming along nicely with the verdigris, given another year or so and he will look like an antique. Very nice!

    Whatever it takes to get them to look... good shot!

  3. What an interesting life, with llama nose prints imminent!

    It always makes me look twice, too, when the sun and clouds play such games.


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