Monday, January 09, 2012

Zoooooom... Later.

Went to the Doctor this last week, and he gave me the all clear to drive, with the proviso that I need to practice some, and that I don't, say, plan a 6 hour drive somewhere immediately.  I am pleased that my leg is recovering well, I am walking with the cane still, I suppose I don't REALLY need it, the doctor actually said it doesn't matter one way or another, and that it... Um...

Ok, he said that his Grandpa used a cane, and when asked why, as he didn't have problems, he said it was to move annoying children and dogs.  Doctor said that gives me license to use it accordingly as well. (Needless to say, I cracked up...)  Our next door neighbor, who is also a doctor, mentioned that it could give me a false sense of security if I was out feeding, as it wouldn't prevent falling on ice or poo.  I told him that generally, I don't go out if it's icy, and well, I knew about the poo, since I was carrying TWO walking sticks when that happened.  He then suggested I use a walker to feed.

Um. No.  I will have husband help me, but I can't begin to figure out how to walk around with a bucket of feed, a walker, and have 5 eager llamas bouncing around me... And hay flakes?  Not happening!  Husband thought I might try using my wagon again, to pull the stuff around.  I have no idea how that might work, since two of the llamas are rather piggy...  We'll work it out...

I can't say I might not be up, weight wise, this week, since I have been a bit more gluttonous, but I have been able to keep the weight from going too nuts.  Haven't lost much, but haven't gained much.  Both docs say I now can get back to walking, and it will make the bone heal faster.  Just have to figure out where to walk (more) safely.

And I finished one of my socks.  I call it (just because) the "Travelling Fairy Socks".  I will be knitting another eventually, that will be as long, but totally different looking, (for one thing, I am using white as the contrast color).  I think I made the leg 16 inches, folding down to 8.  It's just a scrap-tastic sock I had been thinking about, and wanted to try.  I have a feeling that my spinning class will have hysterics, since they want socks to match... That isn't going to happen with more than a few of my upcoming socks, to be named "Port and Starboard", "Cop Car", and some Dobby socks.  What's the use of doing knitting for yourself if you can't have some fun?

I am still knitting on Mom's socks, I will post up a picture when I get one finished, it's a very involved pattern to what I normally do, that's why it's taking so long...

If you are counting, I am down to 3 sock pairs, and one blanket I am knitting on... I'm slipping!  Quick, I need something to cast on! HAHAHA!!!


  1. I'm thinking I need a cane, just to help a little with balance, I think I would love one of those twisted ones with a fancy silver handle and a nice, fat, rubber tip at the bottom. ;-)

    Do you ever have problems when you make one sock and go to make the other a few days later, and the tension was a little different?

  2. If you want to have fun looking at all kinds of canes, look at, I love to go look at all the different kinds (LOVE the Lucite cane, even though I have been told I can't use that one...) And no, I generally knit pretty evenly. UNLESS stress, then I knit so blasted tight the needles squeak! So I am not too worried.


  3. Hooray for knitting, both bones and socks! Yes, have fun with yours, my Bigger Girl purposely never wears socks that match. Everyone thinks it's hilarious, and it is.

  4. I love the description of why to use a cane! My hubby has a hip that bothers him after a bit of walking... so he has been known to use a 'hiking stick' aka 'cane'. He loves using it to get on planes before the masses. That's not my style, but I still love the guy!
    I'm really happy that you are making progress. Congrats!


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