Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Writing, cleaning, and fluffy pillows.

Well, I have managed to keep up with The Challenge... I have only missed one day, (I wrote two notes today, as I, uh, zoned out and fell asleep last night, before writing my last one), so I am at this point caught up with all the letters I have meant to send out.

I found out I like writing with a fountain pen... I have also found out the paper I use sucks up ink like an alcoholic sucks up booze.  So, until I find a bit better paper, I will use a ball point.  I found out my Grandmother has 3 fountain pens squirreled away, I am going to have to ask if I could use them.

I have been cleaning the house today, I am amazed at how 2 people can create so much paper!  The house is not "dirty", really, I mean I dust, and vacuum, that sort of thing, but it is the amazing amount of reading material and mail we have.  I sorted out at least 10 or so magazines, (I get them in trades from various sources), and still have at least 6 or so left to read, Husband gave me 2 or three to give away.

Our kitchen table looked like a tornado had hit a paper plant!  Most was my letter writing 'stuff' and my husband's bills and mail for family (we are the mail forward point for 3 family members).  So, we looked at each other after lunch, and without saying a word, picked up and organized our respective disaster areas.  I put the letter writing 'stuff' into a folder, and have a little rack to set the mail and stamps in.  Husband picked up all the mail and put it into baskets, along with all the assorted ball caps that migrate to that area...  (I believe I counted 8...)  Now, for a while, we will have a kitchen table again!  And a front room table.

Until the next swath of mail and magazines, anyway.

I washed our pillows, too.  I don't know what the washer and dryer did, but I had a pillow, not more than two or three inches thick.  I now have a pillow that looks like a marshmallow on steroids.  We shall see how this monster sleeps!  I have washed this pillow before, but this is a different washer/dryer system.  Still, I wasn't really expecting the silly thing to blow up like a balloon!

The odd things that go on around this house...


  1. I was so enthused about the Month of Letters.... then I became disinfused! Bad me! Congrats on staying with it!
    I enjoy fountain pens, too, and you are right... paper makes a huge difference.
    I'm not sure my pillow would fit in the washer... and God forbid that it got fluffier!! So, how'd the marshmallow on steroids (snicker) do?

  2. Well, I guess, if you want, just pick up where you left off, it's not a competition, but an encouragement, I would think... MHO...

    Yep, when you finish writing and it looks a bit more like you used one of the chisel head felt pens that leaks, it's time to get different paper.

    I have a bigger washer than I did, and surprisingly, it flattened out some when I used it. Now it looks more like a saddle... But it seemed to do okay otherwise... ?


  3. Our kitchen table is constantly trying to emerge from a layer of mail. IT would be so much easier to take care of each day - yet we never do! New follower!

    1. I do sometimes, but sometimes I just stack it on the table. and that doesn't take too many times to create trouble... Welcome!

  4. Paper is sneaky. It creeps in when you aren't looking, and i'm convinced it breeds, too. Every day is a fight to tell it who is in charge of the house, and i'm afraid it wins way too often.

    1. I have wondered if the crazy stuff has paper 'kittens' at night, too. It certainly seems like one in the evening sometimes is SEVERAL in the morning! I guess I just try for a tie...


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