Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Iknitarod project, MUSH!!!

So, over here on the right is a logo for the Iknitarod.------------------------------------------------>

What it is, is a "race" to knit up an item while the Iditarod is on, from the ceremonial start, to the "red lantern" (i.e. the last musher is in).  I decided, since one of the gals in my volunteer group had a new grandchild, I would give it a blanket. The race coincided nicely.

I had wanted to give the pretty blue one I'd finished.  Well, it was a baby girl, so I changed my plans. The blanket photo below  is the start.  The colors are fairly accurate, medium purple, tan, sage, coral, and white.  I have extra motivation to get this finished, soon, because there will be a baby shower this weekend.  I would like to give it to the new Grandma, so even if I don't get to the shower, it will get to new Mom (who lives in another state).

So, here is the first half of the blanket.  I picked a mindless knit, then I will border it with white crochet on the edges...  I will "foo foo" it up when I do that...  So, needles and hook will be smokin' this week!

I have heard from several people about why didn't I just give the blue blanket.  I could have, yes, but I know that some folks are rather traditional.  I will save the blue for a boy.  Most around here don't seem wild about purple for a boy's blanket, so that gives me this to use for a little girl.  And mostly?  'Cuz I wanted to! 


  1. I am a huge fan of the dog race. The knitting race sounds fun, too! Happy knitting! Mush!

  2. It's beautiful! The best thing about an Ikniterod is that the winners are the people who get a hand knitted something.


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