Friday, March 30, 2012

Picture is unrelated...

The snow has finally melted.  We now have lots and lots and lots of rain.  I have been away from the computer a lot, but thought I would just post a nice picture.  I thought I did well with this shot.  I might have even put it up on my blog earlier, but hey, a nice picture is a nice picture, right?

I will try and get a photo up pretty soon of a messenger bag I knit and felted.  It came out... okay.  Not bad, but not quite what I expected.  What else...  I have just been out and about, I will be on jury duty next week, and trying to keep all the animals from floating away.


(And, oh, joy, the weather folks said that the front with all the rain is stalled over us. Again.  Does anyone know where I can get water wings for llamas???)


  1. That's not a nice picture, Cat, it's a GREAT picture!

  2. To quote Goofy... Garsh, thanks! Hu-yuah!

  3. Cat has her gulls in a row! (Those are gulls, right? Sorry, i'm a terrible birder.)

    Very much worth posting more than once, if you have.

  4. That's an awesome picture.

  5. I was just about to post the same comment as Judith above, I love that picture. Llamas...

  6. That is SOME picture. Awesome!

  7. It IS a great picture! I love how all the gulls's arses are generally pointing in the same direction. You just can't plan that kind of thing.

    Followed you over from Mr. Stephenson's blog, whose joke about lard and not-his-grandmother made me "snerk" too.

  8. Thank you all!

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  10. A Well captured pic
    with best words side by
    Waiting for the mmessenger bag
    to come.
    Thanks Cat for dropping in
    Hey are you there at A-z ?
    Best regards

    1. Yep, you just got to my blog a bit early, I am #1516 on the list!


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