Monday, April 02, 2012

B. Buttons and bag...

These are buttons and pins I have collected since I have lived at this house.  I actually have a lot more, (I have collected since I was a little kid), but they are in storage somewhere.

To say how many would be a guess, but when I had them all on a jacket, I probably could have had it double as armor plating...  There are various and sundry ones, one (the little bow tie shaped flag) is from one of my great-great ... somethings, and is from about the early 1900's, is the best guess.

I have the strangest compulsion to sing Buttons and Bows...
One of my favorites is one my Dad has had for some time, I think he may have found it, or received it from a Mad Magazine subscription, or some such.  I wear it on rare occasions when Christmas shopping, to see who is observant.

I get responses from the "gee, that's festive" not-paying-attention type, to the ones who ever so desperately want one.  I never have looked it up on line to see if it's available anywhere...  It gives me a private chuckle, at any rate.

Scrooge, eat your heart out...

And, I said I would put up a picture of the messenger bag I finished.  I spun the yarn, plied, knit, and felted it.  Not QUITE sheep to... sack, but close.  I just wish the flap was longer on it...
It's more red burgundy than the picture.
And guess who was just a teensy bit shy of the amount needed...


  1. I love buttons.....and I am proud to say I parted with my collection a few years ago. lol...doesn't mean I don't have other collections...see C for Collections tomorrow lol...
    Love the Bag!You are so talented.

  2. Collecting buttons sounds like fun, and that one is funny!

    The bag looks great to me.

  3. I like that bag. It is cute. I like buttons too.

  4. The bag is gorgeous! So amazing that you spun your own yarn! I am planning to learn to knit, but am debating about starting with a round lomb kit. Is that sacrilege to an experienced knitter or a good way to start?


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