Wednesday, April 04, 2012

D. Dad's trains.

Our family is friends with another family, and they have a little boy about 6 or so.  He loves trains.  Dad got to thinking about this, and got out HIS train set for said little guy to see (and play with).  I hadn't seen it in action in years, if ever, and so I joined them on "Train Day".  There was no shortage of cars, there was both steam and diesel styles, and lots of noise.  It was so cool, and the little guy was just nose to track watching the cars go.

I joined in later.  I found out that Dad has it set up so you can turn the cars around via a loop on the inside of the track, it is an 027 size, his sister put oil in the part that makes smoke, (and it did for a looooooooooong time)...

And when Dad was a kid, he told me he was a bit of a poop one time, when the house cat Blackie fell asleep on the tracks, Dad kept running the train up to him and blowing the whistle.  Blackie would try and go off the board the other direction, and Dad would run the train over to that side and blow the whistle.

Blackie then knocked the train off the tracks!
(Sorry, Dad, but Yay, Blackie!)

Several of the Lionel cars.

The diesel pushers and some other cars.

Dad's holding the repairman car.  The little man turns which ever way the car goes,
and can bump, then go the other direction by touching the bumpers on the ends!


  1. My hubby has just had his passion for trains reignited. It is so much fun to see the fascination in the faces of everyone when we go to a train show; big and little, boys and girls!

  2. Yes, I must say, I was nearly as fascinated by the trains as the little guy he was showing them to!


  3. We used to have a train set as kids....but it was more for my dad and uncle lol

  4. What fun! How nice for the boy and your dad. Your dad got to reminisce, and the little boy had a new experience, probably one he won't forget. Great post! Have a great week!

  5. Yay Blackie, indeed!

    Wonderful train set, thanks for showing us.

  6. Such a great memory of your Dad and Blackie! Those Lionel trains are beautiful. I have a friend with an antique train she sets up under her Christmas tree each year. Children are always fascinated by it.


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