Friday, April 06, 2012

F. Flood.

Remember all that snow that I told you we had?  Well, it has melted... And we have had rain.  Lots of rain. And it melted the snow.  And it came down some more, raising the river.  A lot...

This is a stage in one of the parks.  Normally, the water would be out past the trees in the back.  Right now the water is IN the stage.  During the summer, hundreds, possibly low thousands of people show up for performances at this stage.  Right now, the only performers are geese.

To add insult to injury, the sewer plant overflowed, and there are signs up here and there warning people that the water is contaminated.  No fishing, either, but since the fishing pier is UNDER WATER, guess it's not a big threat.  

So.  There was snow this morning, again.  The weather guessers are predicting 60's and sunny by Sunday, for a couple days.  Maybe it will dry this out a bit.

So it can rain again... *sigh*


  1. Sorry you are having such crappy weather. It sure is not fun, but it gives you lots of inside time to do your knitting! :)

    1. There is that, but man, when the water is flowing OVER the yard, rather than 'round it, I get concerned...


  2. Yikes! Reminds me of Clackamette Park and the yucky Willamette. Hope it dries up soon!

  3. Well, they do say those April showers bring May flowers ;-) But, I guess you have had more than your share!

  4. We live in a swamp, and see this kind of thing, it's never fun. Hope you dry out soon.

  5. Crazy that the pier itself is underwater. Hope the flooding clears out quick!


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