Thursday, April 12, 2012

K. Knitting for Charity.

While I have been knitting for myself, I noticed that a LOT of my 'take along' projects are my charity knitting.

The green and white scarves are for the elderly, the baby hats are for the local hospital, and the pink blanket is for the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society. Except for the baby blanket, I can usually fit the projects in a largish purse. 

When I have to sit for a while, it gives me something to do...  Can you tell I sit a lot?  


  1. You are turning your sitting into God's work. Good for you

  2. Knitting takes time and concentration. You are doing a good thing and sounds like you enjoy it as well. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for visiting mine as well (IN MY OWN WORDS)

  3. I love making things for charity. I usually crochet, but I go so fast that I end up with tons of projects with no one to give them to. To charity they go! I hope I can make a difference.

    Good luck with the challenge!

    Dianna Fielding

  4. That's a fabulous thing to do when you are forced to sit and wait, and i'm glad you donate so many nice things.

    You taking your knitting along has reminded me of a story from the book "Cheaper By The Dozen". Their grandmother, they claim, had enough of a bosom to carry her garlic (to ward off colds), her small purse, and whatever knitting project she was working on at the time.

    1. Ok, now I really need to get started! I just checked that book out of the library! :) However, I make no comments on my bosom, but, let's just say, I have carried knitting there, and leave it at that...


  5. Nice job on your knitting, I am such a bad knitter, besides scarfes I haven't really master much else, and even they are nothing fancy. I can't even read those instructions, maybe if someone showed me how to, that would be easier, but then probably not I just keep admiring your beautiful knitting. :)

  6. Good for you! That' a great idea. I'll have to get started on a project for charity - although I (luckily) have little sitting and waiting time.

  7. Beautiful! I've just picked up crocheting again. I love having a project that I can take along or one that I can sit and watch TV while doing.

    Your knitted hats, scarf, and blanket look awesome. And it so wonderful that you are knitting for others.

  8. I have never knit for charity (sad to say). My to-do lists for myself and family have been quite long and my time to sit and it has been short. But I do have charity knitting on my to-do list!! :-) Love the hats.


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