Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oregon replies...

I participated in the Month of Letters challenge recently.  This was great, I have made a few new pen pals, and have enjoyed (still) getting notes in the mail.


I had a few folks that sent me postcards from where they lived.  I wanted to respond in kind.  I knew JUST where to get them, at one of the stores locally.

Wrong.  They don't carry them anymore.  I should have just grabbed some other cards, but I didn't.  I kept looking.  And looking.  AND LOOKING...

Well, I happened to be in a store that has the bank I use therein.  Great!  Dash in, grab the funds, go.  Then an "OREGON" hat caught my eye.  I realized that it had all Oregon gift type stuff.  I wandered over for a quick peek.

BINGO!  Postcards.  I grabbed several, and cheered at my good fortune.

So, as one of my friends is fond of saying, I will get back to you right away, no matter how long it takes!


  1. Now following to get you closer to 100.

    I have a postcard collection. They used to be more popular than they are now.

    A Few Words
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  2. Who doesn't love discovering something with their name on it in the mailbox. This is something an e-mail can't compete with.

  3. I love postcards...I forgot to mention that in my "C" entry about collections lol...I have a whole box full.

  4. Isn't it the way sometimes? I had a friend visit from Canada one time and we looked and looked for souvenirs to no avail. I ended up buying some on ebay and mailing to her after she had gone home!

  5. Oooh, I bet thaT was a fun challenge. Awhile ago, the kids and I tried to get a scared from each state...we fell short by about 10-15.

  6. Love that saying! Glad you found those cards; it has amazed me, when we have friends from elsewhere visit, that i have a hard time showing them where to find such stuff, since i never look for it myself.


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