Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happy May Day... I think.

When I was smaller, May Day was fun.  I would go out and find "lovely flowers", which at the age I was, usually consisted of small daisies and dandelions, and Mom would help me make a 'vase' with paper and pipe cleaners,  then we'd sneak over to our elderly neighbor's door, ring the bell, then run off, leaving the basket a-hanging on the doorknob.  This is what I have always thought of as May Day.

Today I was listening to the news.

Several labor groups were organizing for parades, protests, and some general public notice.  Occupy Whereyouat groups were going to march in Portland, several high schools had groups of kids out walking.  Police are all over trying to keep things somewhat in order.

Last I heard, on Twitter, the Occupy Portland group had taken over a foreclosed house, they had locked down one of the high schools so other students wouldn't join in the protest, and there are traffic problems all over.

I think my flower idea is a lot more fun...


  1. I agree. Skipping around a Maypole in the lusty month of May sounds like more fun than protesting--especially when you don't understand the protest.

  2. I guess for me April and May are the spring clean out...not cleanING...much different and satisfying for me...I still think your flower idea wins though!

  3. May Day used to be for flowers and fun (or pagan rites, really, if you go back far enough). Now it is Labor Day for much of the world.

    You are right, the flowers are nicer.

  4. I agree. Give peace a chance! So many times I think how much simpler our life was in days of yore!

  5. So true, so true.
    My kids and I used to do little flower nosegays for neighbors. Such a nice tradition. Love and kindness is what brings about changes. Not violence and hatred.

  6. I like your May flower idea much better than this Occupy nuisance. I'd say 'Get a job' but that difficult in these times.


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