Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh, blog. Um. Yes. Hi!

I have actually been home for a few days, but haven't blogged (obviously, duh, with an eye roll for emphasis...)  I haven't been super busy, but in and out, so I just haven't sat down and taken the time to blog.   This one will be short, but I will get back in the swing of things and catch you up on the riveting stuff that is my doings... Um.

Anyway, this was the annual trip to Seaside.  Hence, the annual "putting socks on Lewis, Clark, or the Big Dog, and confuse the natives".  Or something like that.

To Wit:
The socks just don't look big enough for these feet!
Have to have them remove mocs first...

This dog (in back of Lewis & Clark), always looks
very depressed to me.  I keep thinking if he were
a real dog, he'd probably drool on the socks,
then fall asleep. 

And this was my very first NON-person
investigation, this li'l guy sniffed my new knitted socks,
(a LOT) and then me, and kept looking at me putting
the socks hither and yon.  His person, on the
other hand, was "meh" about the whole deal...


  1. I've sat and stared at that statue, and I agree that the dog looks depressed.

  2. Hope your annual "sock it to 'em" fest (sorry, i couldn't resist) was fun, and glad you are back safe.


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