Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The math doesn't add up...

My BIL is a trucker, and has stored a car at our house for quite some time.  Well, he finally has decided that he doesn't really want the car, and would Husband see about getting an idea of how much it would sell for.

Husband cleaned out the car, (it had been used for storage of books, clothing, and whatnot for BIL).  He then gave it a pretty good wash.  (It was stored next to the hay, behind all the other vehicles, and the cats thought it was a perch.  It was a mess...)

So, I wasn't paying much attention, Husband was looking on line, as is his wont, then he called BIL.  Husband and BIL traded bits of the day, where he was, what was going on with one and the other, then Husband started giving him an update on the car.  Letting him know that it had cleaned up well, still runs (!!!), and getting info on what and where the boxes of books and clothing were going.  Then he pipes up and says,

"The bad news is your car is worth about $500, and those are selling for a dime a dozen on Craigslist."

They both had to stop talking until I finished laughing...

And, because the car is not much to look at, here's a picture of Lorenzo...

Food?  Oh, camera... Meh.


  1. Hopefully, he can get $500.00 for it. If anything, sounds like it is good for storage!

  2. They are funny! Actually, i am in the market for a cheap, ugly car that still runs, a "hoopdie" i believe they call it. It's a shame it would cost more to get it down here than to buy it.

    Want to make a road trip to come see me? We have gumbo! ;)

  3. Good picture of Lorenzo, but I was looking forward to seeing a photo of the car.

  4. You have a nice and helpful husband. And a very cute llama. I take that picture any time.

  5. Amazing how fast animals come to recognize the camera. Neat car story! I think your husband put in a couple of hundred dollars of work on that car. I guess it is a real good thing the chickens didn't get inside. hee, hee

  6. :) you made me laugh thank you. B


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