Saturday, September 22, 2012

Camping, and... um...

So.  I usually take my Mom someplace for her birthday.  I decided to surprise her and take her camping.  This became nearly as much a surprise for me as for her, as it turned out!

We went to a local campground, (read: about 10 miles from my house), and I was wowed.  I am used to 'dry' camping, that is, you find a spot, and you have everything from water, power, what have you, WITH you.  We decided to go 'luxury' for us, and get power and water.  I felt like I was majorly woo, let me tell you!  I didn't have to fret if I would run out of water in 3 days (I generally bring 5 gallons of drinking water, as well as 2 gallons of wash water in a pressurized can.  One learns to conserve... A lot!)  We had the lights on, and could run the radio by electricity (which turned out to be a good thing, as my batteries finally died, and I had none of THAT size, of course).

I have a '54 Bellwood "canned ham" style trailer.  This made us rather the interest of the camp, most people have the box style RV's, that I saw.  I think I had the oldest trailer - and was the youngest person - there!  For fun, I had made a sign to put on the trailer, mostly to entertain Mom, that read "Chateau du Canned Ham".  This is a joke in two ways, as the trailer can be referred to as a canned ham, as well as all of our family are Amateur Radio operators, also known as "Hams".   I had so many chuckles, I think I will make a permanent sign to put near the trailer when in use.  With larger print, I was told by several bifocal wearing folk that wandered by... 211

Part of my 'gift' was that Mom wouldn't have to cook much.  I made some different dinners to take with us, but I had to do a work shift one of the days I was out there, so I brought back dinner from a restaurant we both enjoy.

We decided to have a picnic.  Not the best choice.  Opened one container, we were overwhelmed with yellow jackets!  Mom trotted over to the trailer, and I started handing her the food via the pass through in the door, and we STILL ended up with 2 or 3 'jackets inside!  So our picnic was indoors...

There were showers, flush toilets, groomed trails, and even a Frisbee golf and horseshoe pitch area.  We were living the lush life.  The funny (odd) thing, we sat outside, had a fire, talked, looked at the stars, when we noticed it was quiet.  No other campfires, no one outside talking, and it wasn't "quiet hours", (after 10 pm), and we started looking around.  All the other campers were inside the vehicles, watching TV.  We could see the flickering blue glow from all the windows of all the other rigs!  With a shrug, we went back to what we were doing...

It was fun, and we decided it was a great trip, and we want to do it again next year.

(Warning, terrible puns ahead...)

So, Husband and I will both be going to the doctor in about a week.  We have to get to the bottom of the situation.  Yes, we have to get to the end.  No if, ands, or BUTTS about it.  I won't be an ass and drag this out so...

You guessed it, a Colonoscopy!  Husband has to have one because he is "old enough".  I am a bit younger, but I have family history that says things need to get checked.  So, ironically, after trying to get our diet to have greens, less starches, lots of whole grains... We will be munching potatoes and popsicles, things like that.

Husband likes the idea of potatoes.  Lots of potatoes.  I have the sneaking suspicion that I will be ready to pray for crop failure of potatoes by the time this nonsense is over.  I will be on this "diet" a bit longer, as Husband likes me to eat with him.  This morning I had some raisin bread.  He didn't say anything, but he did look exceeding longingly at it. So, I guess I won't torment him.  It's only about 8 or so days.  Of chicken.  And broth.  And potatoes.  And MORE potatoes.  And NO tomatoes.  And oh, did I mention... Potatoes?

Wish me luck.  I think I will need it...


  1. What a nice thing to do for your mom. And so weird that people go out to camp and then sit inside and watch TV. Good luck with butts.

  2. I've had a colonoscopy and the prep is far worse than the procedure. It's good and potentially life saving that you're having this done.

  3. A colonoscopy is always a good idea. (I have had many.) I'm curious about the potato diet, though... for my prep we avoid red meat for a few days beforehand, then don't eat anything at all the day before, then take a bunch of heavy duty laxatives and that's it. Potatoes though? Huh! Sounds like fun! Good luck! And make sure you ask for really good drugs for the procedure.

  4. LOL, Chateau du Canned Ham! Funny! The hubby & I are both hams, too. He's a much bigger geek about it than I am, tho and has been licensed 25+ years to my 3.

    Good luck on the 'scopys !

  5. Love your sign, hope you survive the potato "feast", and many happy returns of the day to your mother!


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