Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Hail and Well Met, Dude!

Heh.  Just to let you know that I will be at Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire until about Monday or so.  So, no blogging for a bit.

(I have slowed down with my blogging.  I have been a bit on the go, and was having some tech problems with the computer at the substation.  Tech problems have been solved, and hopefully, things will be slowing down a smidge, as well...)

Oh, and the title?

We who work at faire, were talking about how some of the people mix Modern English with "Old" English to make it more understandable to some of the patrons.  We were by then getting a bit goofy, and this became our (off stage) greeting to each other for some time after...

And thusly, I do wish thee anon, and temperate days, with fyne and wonderous doings.

Or, whatever floats your boat...


  1. I love Ren faires. My kids attended from the time they were in strollers... and they still go now! Such fun. Have fun!

  2. Merry and tragic! Tedious and brief!
    That is, hot ice and wonderous sange snow!

    (Puck "A Mid-Summer Night's Dream)

    Hopefully Old English and Middle English don't come back in fashion

  3. Sounds fantastic. Have a great time.

  4. Love the older English! In fact, i can still recite some Chaucer.

    May thy days flow virtuous and mild. Or, have a great time, take your pick.

  5. eat a turkey leg for me...


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