Thursday, November 29, 2012

Good deed...

One of our neighbors has put up Christmas ornaments all over a tree next to her mailbox. (Forgot the camera, will try and get pix on my next walk.)  It has been such since Thanksgiving, and looks rather pretty, it's a deciduous tree, and it's festooned with golden reindeer, gold and red "icicles", and little fragile looking white snowflakes.

It's been windy off and on the last day or so.

Today when I went out walking, there was a skiff of little snowflakes (and an icicle) on the road, that the wind had knocked down.  I was getting a good go on my walk, I could have left it, but ya know, I decided to pick up those little ornaments.  Just 'cause.

I put them in the mailbox.  We shall see if the tree is re-festooned.  Thank goodness, no one had run over any of the ornaments!  I am inclined to do something outside for Christmas, but still haven't figured out what.  If I do, I will probably blog on it, not to fear.

So, we had our first snowfall here!


  1. Snow already! Well, i'm not sure whether to be envious or sorry for you. Cold weather is painful, but snow is fun in short bursts.

    That was very kind of you to pick up the ornaments, and if i were the neighbor, i might see about fastening to the tree a bit more sturdily, especially if you have that kind of wind often.

  2. You did a Christmas good deed by picking up someone else's ornaments. No coal in your stocking this year.

  3. Any type of snow, no matter how minimal must be considered 'snowfall'. :-)

  4. Oh what a great idea well maybe not there is always a wind here and I am sure cars would be running over my ornaments very soon after falling to the ground. I never know what to put up outside by the time I figure something out it is New Years and I always say next year:) Love to see your though. B

  5. That's so nice, a good deed in the spirit of Christmas.


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