Sunday, February 24, 2013

Me, A to Z...

I decided to do an A to Z, the idea I stole from messymimi, who has a most excellent blog. (click the link.  I'll wait.)

Age- I always have to figure this out.  I think this shows how much I care. Or, ask my Mom, she always says she was there...  Anyway, if I have figured it right, I am 45. Or 6.  Somewhere thereabouts...

Bed Size- Queen, I think.  I liked my Super single water bed, but after we were married, Husband slept on it. Once.  That's when we bought a new bed.  Between he being overheated (I am perpetually cold), and more than a little awkward feeling getting in and out of the bed, it was pretty much a no go from the start...

Chore I hate- Trying to get all the blasted cobwebs from the ceiling and corners.  I think I have them all, then I walk past a doorway to have this nasty little wisp float by my face. EEEEEEEEeeeeeewww!

Dogs- Yep.  Rudee's the name, french fries are his game. And squeaky toys.  A half lab, half German Shepard ball of happy.  (One time the vet wasn't paying attention, I told him that Rudee was half German Shepard, half Clydesdale.  He was 3/4 through with the paperwork before he registered what I had said...  The expression was priceless!)

Essential start to my day- Some would say tea.  More importantly, GLASSES.  I have about 20/850 vision, so if my glasses aren't on, I could walk into a wall and probably not see what it was... :P

Favorite color- Red.  LOOOOVE red.

Gold or silver- Depends upon what I am wearing.  If I am in "uniform", I wear silver, as it's black, with silver details.  If I am wearing red, or other bright colors, I would wear gold.  Then again, I have been known to wear copper, as well... Go figure.

House or Apartment- When I was fresh out of college, I would have said apartment.  I enjoyed (most) of the neighbors, and felt part of a community.  Now, having animals, and a garden that I grow for several people each year, I think the house works a bit better.  Llamas, chickens, a dog and cat in a 1 bedroom apartment might be a tad much...

Instruments played- I have tried the guitar.  I need to go back to it, I enjoyed it.  NOTE: it says played, not played well.

Job Title- Volunteer Receptionist.  Nosy lady. The gal that works with the Sheriff's Office. Head cookie maker. The one who makes the house smell good (on cookie making day...).

Kids- I have thought about some pygoras, and perhaps a few Cashmeres, but haven't gotten around to it. Oh. and I don't have any children, either.

Live- Uh.  Last time I checked...  I live in Oregon.  Love it here.

Married- Yep, since '91, to a Husband I call Fuzz or Fuzzy, (he has a pronounced beard) but not when I am around the deputies. Man, does THAT cause some funny looks... eep.

Never Again- Car accident, or surgeries, if I can avoid them.  But mostly the first...

Other fun fact- If I want to wig someone out, I can turn one foot completely 180 degrees from front.  I have been known to do this if I am getting tired of talking on a topic, because it has one of two effects on viewers.  Either they are grossed out, and leave, or they are freaked out, and ask me why I can do it. (I have no kneecap on that side, so no physical stop to the side motion...)

Pet peeve- Feeling like I don't understand something that I should.  Math has this effect on me regularly.  Less so than it used to, living with a machinist that makes his living with same, but still...

Quote- "Sure as night will follow day, most things I worry about never happen anyway..." Tom Petty (You knew I had to get him in there at least once, right?)

Righty or Lefty- Righty. Almost completely incompetent lefty, except when I cross stitch...

Siblings- No.  Unless you count the fact I have a sibling rivalry going on with a character I perform at faire.  I have been told that she is much more interesting and vibrant than I am...

Time I wake up- I have been waking up about 6.30am of late, but I also am sleeping in spurts.  If I sleep through, I generally wake sometime before 5.  Have been known to wake up as early as 3, but I don't need to, so I tend to roll over and go back to sleep.

Veggies I dislike- Raw Onions.  I like most veggies... And I like onions, if cooked, so.  Meh.

What makes you run late- Not planning ahead, mostly.  If I don't get all my things together the night before, I am usually wondering where I put x, and y, and then I will leave, then need to come back to the house to pick up z...  (Yes, I am a ditz.)

X-rays- Had too many, don't really want more.  I believe I have even posted one or two on the blog.

Yum food- (sorry messymimi!) Mushrooms. Yes, they are a fungus.  Still like 'em.  Sauteed in butter.  Little garlic. I'm good.  Also, chocolate.

Zoo Animal Favorite-  Big cats.  Tiger, Lion.  And according to my family, I was in love with a white chicken when I went to the zoo as a small child.  To the point that I didn't pay any attention to the other animals!

So, there ya go.


  1. Half Clydesdale! ROFL! Good thing i had swallowed my water before i read that.

    It's okay for you to like mushrooms, i don't mind that at all. As long as you don't ask me to eat any.

    Thanks for playing along with the A to Z game!

  2. Fun answers. That's quite a talent to be able to bend your foot that way. I love it when my blogger friends answer questions like these and give us an opportunity to know them better. Take care.

  3. What a great get to know you better! Love it! And mushrooms are yummy

  4. good way to get to know you better. I love your dog, what a face. My Angel made me fall in love with the German shepherd breed, but I am a firm believer that if you cross a lab with any other breed, you will get the best kind of dog. I had one, Princess, she was a black lab/border collie cross and she was wonderful. It's as if the lab part mellows out the other part, but keeps all the good qualities of both breeds. -- Probably more than you wanted to hear.

  5. What fun to find out more about you. The foot thing is kinda creeping me out, though!
    I cracked up about the chicken at the zoo. We took our son to a game farm and all he was interested in were the rocks on the ground. (We lived in an area with absolutely no rocks... so they were truly a novelty to the 3 year-old!)

  6. This was fabulous! I enjoyed it so much!

  7. That was fun and interesting - maybe you could get a part on one of those zombie movies with that trick knee! :-)


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