Tuesday, March 12, 2013

And we have Iknitarod socks! ORT, too...

Well, I did finish the socks before the end of the Iditarod.  I think they came out pretty well.  Mom likes them, too. (I gave them to her.)  She said she was going to wear them on St. Patrick's day.

Daffycat has a little monthly thing going on, where you put your yarn scraps in a jar, and take a photo on the new moon...  I believe I forgot, (sorry, Daffycat), but I put it on today... Only a day or so late.  

And other news.  My Dad will be having surgery and if you would send up good thoughts, prayers, things of that ilk, it would be much appreciated by my family.  Thanks...  If I am not up on my blogitation, that is why.   


  1. Sending good, healing thoughts your family's way! I love the socks. They're very cool. :)

  2. Those socks are beautiful! I am in awe at your skill. And I'll be sending good thoughts out into the Universe for your Dad.

  3. Cat, no obligations, i'm happy to hear from you and pray when i don't. Okay, i pray when i do hear, too! And i will be praying for your father and your family -- surgery is hard on everyone.

    Very nice socks!

  4. I just started knitting (avid crocheter here) and I want to try to fix up a pair of socks...so badly...but I'm very scared!

    Yours are beautiful!



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