Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N. Nobody Here but Us Chickens.


The Redheads and the Golden Girls still are not getting together during the day much.  They roost together at night, however.  

I just want to say I hope all that were affected by the Boston Marathon are able to heal, and that the EMS, Police, and others involved with the incident have my prayers for strength and courage to do all that needs to be done.  Hugs and prayers for all the victims.

I guess this isn't exactly a laugh riot blog today, but I guess I am not much in a laughing mood at the moment.

(Nobody Here But Us Chickens)


  1. None of us are in much of a laughing mood right now, i think -- i would hate to be a comedian who had to do a show that's already booked right now.

  2. (sigh)

    My friend was going to help her mother clip her chickens'wings the other day because they are flying out of their safe space and two have gone "missing". I should've contacted you for advice as I think they were going to have to watch a youtube video.

  3. This incident is another example of how important it is to stand together in the face of such evil.


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