Saturday, April 27, 2013



So, I think I mentioned a few days ago I was getting a background check.


I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork.  Which I was told wasn't necessary, after filling it out and bringing it back...

I have to hand it to some of the office people, there has been a lot of changes in where things are stored, and though I had already filled out said paperwork, they found the information on file so I didn't have to go through a complete check over again...  (Government agency, it lives for paper...)  So, I was told I had one or two last little items to have checked, and I needed to show up at a meeting a bit early.

I did, and the head guy shrugged, and said, nope, already finished.

Oh.  Uh, okay...

So, now I am officially a substitute leader coordinator for the group, and I get an email account, a flash drive, and probably more phone calls than I am used to.  And possibly some snazzy business cards. Maybe.  Oh, and probably more time on the road, visiting various Neighborhood Watch Groups.

Somehow, after all the build up on background checks and security, it was sort of a let down.  I mean, I didn't end up giving name, rank, and serial number, or anything! (Heh...)  But, knowing how much information that I have had to fill out over the years, I am very, very glad they are the 'good guys'.



  1. Nice to know I blog with a good 'guy' - a certified good 'guy' at that!

  2. It has been said that I am more 'certifiable' than certified, but thanks, at that!


  3. Congratulations on the promotion! Even if that's not what it technically is, you have been promoted to more work, so it counts in my book.

  4. If you hadn't bothered to show up early they would of had a ton more stuff for you to fill out.

  5. ughhh paper work
    promos always a good thing tho - enjoy



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