Monday, April 29, 2013

Y. You don't mess around with Jim.

What goes around, comes around...

When we first married, my husband knew at least a half dozen guys by the name of "Mike".  This made it an absolute BEAR to figure which who he was talking about...  Or worse, when I needed to get him on the phone, or go to where he was, with a note with the cryptic, "At Mike's."  Greaaaat...  I decided to solve this problem, by giving designations to his various friends.

One was Bird Mike, because he raised exotic fowl.  One was Fishing Mike, to distinguish him from Boat Mike, who really didn't fish all that much.   Only rarely did we use last names.  If you can believe this, at least two of them were unrelated, but had the same first and last names...  This pretty much solved our problems, and after using the nicknames in public by accident, one or two of them adopted the moniker as something as a badge of honor.

Flash forward to now.  I am needing to keep track of all the men I have to talk to, and give my husband notice that might contact me, either with volunteer work, or groups that I attend... So he has to know if Spinning Jim was at the last meeting, or Jim-Wife-of-Jan was subbing earlier in the day, or if Sheriff's Office Jim might call about a meeting.

I think famous people give kids screwy names.  Well, at least they are not going to be easily confused in a group!

(You Don't Mess Around With Jim.)


  1. Oh, the confusion this can cause! When Bigger Girl was at Mother's Day Out, her class had 8 girls in it with her exact name or a variation on it, out of 12 girls in the class.

  2. In our family there were six "Franks." I ended up with Frank as my middle name.


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