Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z. Zombie Zoo.


There is a library near where I live, that I have recently become a patron of.  Much bigger than my home library.  It has quite a few things that look like they might be of great interest to me, (book clubs for adults, lots of non-fiction for research), and man, you couldn't drop a paperback without a half dozen volunteers catching it, then asking if you need help. Nice!

I was amused when I read the tag line they use... "We Grow Brains".  I chuckled and didn't think much more of it, except contemplation of sketching the library with zombies holding books.

Then, a few days ago, Husband and I were in the car, and went down one of the main streets.  A big banner flew overhead, with the library name, and the "We Grow Brains" tag.  Husband looked at me, I at him, and in our usual sophisticated manner, we simultaneously  lolled our tongues out to the side, and growled,

"Brrraaaaaiiiiinnns, brrraaaaiiins..."  Followed with gales of laughter, and more than a few strange looks from fellow motorists.

I really don't think that library knows quite how much entertainment value they have in that little ditty. At least with us...  

(Zombie Zoo)


  1. Oh thanks for that morning chuckle! Hilarious! !

  2. They know how to add some zip to the library trip! Congratulations on finishing the A to Z.

  3. This would strike my funny bone as well. Have a great day.


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