Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Crazy weather, research, and fountain pens.

This morning I woke to frost.  It was frozen this morning.  This is May, and I just read that two or three places had SNOW.  Er.  I am so confused... It's spring, right???

The weather for today was mid 30's this morning, mid 70's by this afternoon.  Then up to mid 80's by this weekend.  Parka in the morning, followed by shorts?  Yoiks...  I think all of my plants have made it, however.  I have some flowers and shrubbery out for decoration, they seem to have hardened off pretty well. (Pics soon...)

I have finally bought all the books recommended by one of the Detectives for my writing.  I was waiting for the price to go down on Amazon (used-$182).  It didn't.  I was griping commenting about this to Husband, and he said, well, check eBay.  EBAY?!!?  I nearly dropped my teeth.  I have rarely, if EVER found something on eBay that wasn't usually as much as new.   I had looked at some of the college libraries, local libraries, used book stores, nothing.


So, I looked on eBay, without much hope.  Hey.  There it is... $25?  I cleaned my glasses, carefully, then read again. $25.  HUUUUSSSBANNND!

So, I have the first of the books, now I am able to read them in order, and some of the material in the later books I was reading might make some more sense... And I have to admit that Husband was right.

See, it's in print.  Husband was right.  And he isn't even smug about it...  :)

Well, today should be nice, I think.  I have my receptionist bit, and I am writing a letter to my Grandmother, haven't written to her for a bit.  Mostly to thank her for letting me use her fountain pens, I have three pens with storage, and one dip style pen of hers.  I also have one that I found, that I'd used for drawing in college.  So, now I just need to get more ink, and I will be able to start using them again.  Hopefully without the inked fingers I seem so good at making for myself...

Oddly I have found when I write with a fountain pen, I don't press as hard, and I can write longer, as my hands don't cramp.  It also looks cool,  and we all know that's important, .  I just like the idea of a different way to write.  

I am not quite ready for clay tablets yet, but you never know...


  1. Do clay tablets have a "delete" button?

  2. Which books are you seeking? We have an awesome used book store, I'll gladly scour. Also, I've found success with for good prices on books.

    Um yeah, thought it was Spring too. We had hail this past weekend. But it's in the upper 80s and humid today. Houston - Go figure.

    1. At this point, I believe I have a good start. But I would be happy to ask in the future, if the need arises... (And it probably will, knowing me...) I will have to check that book site out, too.

      Urg. 80's and humidity. Barfola. I don't like either.


  3. Use the instruments that speak to your muse, and yea! Husband!

    1. The instruments that speak to my muse. Lots of paper, something to write with, tea. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate... ;)

      And yes, the man knows his stuff...


  4. I am so glad, you came over to my blog so I could find yours. Yay!!!!

    You can actually write with fountain pens?? I am in awe!!
    I am left handed and write at an odd angle. I have to be careful which ballpoint pens I use as my hand can smear the ink as I write. Using a chalkboard is a waste of an effort. Not a prayer that I could ever use a fountain pen.

    Congrats on finding a bargain on Ebay. I resort to Ebay every once in a while and have gotten a few things at ridiculously low prices.

    Oh...thank you so much for putting my button over on your blog.

  5. Sounds good, glad to meet you!

    I know what you are talking about, my Dad is a southpaw, he talked about stabbing the paper with the pen when he used those types of pens, and smearing seems to be a regular thing with writing.

    I rarely do on eBay, so this dropped me in my tracks!

    You're welcome!



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