Friday, May 17, 2013

Llama Migration #2, turkey lovin', and planting SOON, hopehopehope...

(Ok, Blogger is messing with me, I can't get the controls to work today.  I apologize if it's hard to read...)

"The best laid plans of mice and men..."  Especially where my husband is involved.  He had planned on  rotatilling the garden almost 3 weeks ago. Well, he received a job that was... amazingly difficult, annoying, and sort of akin to nailing Jello to the wall.  Except he didn't have Jello, he had water and a packet of dust to work with.  And no nails.

Yeah, one of those kind of jobs...

So, we checked on the hay field garden, and the grass was up to my derriere, again, so, we put the llamas back in, again.  They weren't as upset about it the second time, mostly because they realized there was grain involved.

Food gets 'em every time...

This was very tall grass, and is now almost gone... 3 llamas are really good mowers.  Plus, free fertilizer... (Except, they decided the perfect place to poo? The walkway.  So, I get to go out with the shovel and do some clean up.  Small price to get this nonsense down to a manageable level...)
"I thought she said this was a PLANT jail!"

The girls are moved over, but Lorenzo stays in the other field.  He is not a problem when there's a lot of room, but when he's confined with the girls, he is an obnoxious thing, and Dolly (the brown one) and he will fight constantly.  So, we keep him where he can SEE the girls, but can't come WITH the girls.  He actually seems to like this, most of the time.  I think he's a bachelor at heart.

Ok, Geeks... Ewok, or Old Chewbacca?

Romance is in the air at Fur 'n Feathers, folks...  This has been going on every day for about a week, and I finally came close enough for some photos. Not GOOD photos, but photos.

Best I could get of his display... He is a HUGE bird...
And he is PROUD of himself.

She's shy.  Or ignoring him, I am not sure which.
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Sorry about the brightness, the distance
made the camera wonky a little...

My garden shall have a variety, if nothing else... I am trying a few new things, and of course, some things have to wait until I actually get to the garden, so I can sow seeds...

Peas. (Now porridge free, and not hot!)

Peppers, crookneck that is on steroids, and 8 ball zukes.

Several of the things that I planted, specialty watermelon, kohlrabi, and... 
other stuff that I can't remember at the moment...

Pumpkins, and sunflowers.  

Tomatoes, that seem to think they are timber toppers...

This last one is a pot of sage that made it through the winter.  I decided it needed something, so I put light green sweet potato vines, contrasting with dark fuchsias in the top.  I hope that it will fill out more, but I think it looks pretty good, anyway.  I will show more of my "for fun" flowers later. 


  1. I really would like one of those green houses. Even if I only had a few plants. Our system of gardening gets smaller and smaller.

  2. Lorenzo may just be tired of dealing with so many females. He wants to keep an eye on them, man like, but doesn't want to be bothered, also man like.;)

    Love the way you are going to grow your own salads!

  3. I envy anyone with a green thumb who can make things grow. Have a great weekend.

  4. Hey Cat! I nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger award!
    I hope you'll accept it and spread the love!


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