Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mom's day...

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!

So, after 27 and one half hours of labor, poo, drool, hair brushing and getting dressed fights, lost shoes, coats, homework, the occasional forgotten paper from school, 'interesting' conversation with teachers about my day dreaming, puberty, ('nuff said on that!), long distance phone calls, frets and worries on if I am eating, if I'm NOT eating, how college is going, what I am going to do for x class, and then of course, that rotten day in May...  

And now, calls about needing to put off a trip because a llama is out, or Husband needed help with something, concern about walking, the "uh, yeah, she broke her leg" call, "be careful" before every shift, and the general chaos and confusion that is life, 

This bud's for you:


  1. That's a lot of labor! Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom.

  2. Thank your mother from me, for raising you to be the person you are, as i enjoy your blog and tidbits of your life very, very much!

  3. I hope both you and your mom had a great Mother's Day!


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