Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Pineapple dance. And translation for communication.

I was at BigBulkBox Store, and saw a mother with a little girl, I would guess not much older than preschool, if that.  Her mom picked up a pineapple.  "Would you like this?"

I watched as said little girl did a pineapple war dance, jumping up and down frantically, clapping, and yipping, yes, yes, yes!  I was happy to just watch the antics.

Since pineapple is one of my favorites, I could empathize.  In fact, in chatting with MY mom, I mentioned this girl, and she said it sounded very familiar to how I acted when she bought pineapple.  Considering I remember when I was much smaller, I managed somehow to pilfer and eat an entire pineapple... And survive the results, starting with acid sores around my mouth.  Much worse later...  You'd think I'd hate the stuff.  But I still love pineapple to this day.

Though I am not inclined to eat an entire one at one sitting anymore...

Still, it's nice to know something that simple can make someone's day.  Hers, and mine.


My vacuum is trying to commit suicide, one part at a time.  We have had the belts, the filter, oh, two or three other parts crap out, and normally, I have to resort to grunting and pointing, as I don't really have much of a vocabulary for things in a vacuum.  Cars, not really a problem.  Vacuums have... stuff.

So, today, when I was starting the trusty old wonder-blunder, GRKKLLELLRRKKLLRRGGG!!!  After nearly jumping over the couch, then desperately hitting the off switch, I tipped it over to have a look.  

And for once knew exactly what was wrong, and where.  So, I turned off the portion of the vacuum that was trying to destroy itself, finished the job, and put it away.  When Husband came in, we had this little conversation, after lunch.

"The vacuum has a bearing that went out, on the sweeper bar."
"Something broke again?"
"Yes, the bearing.  The sweeper bar is now off, and won't turn."
"What part?"
I looked at him, and with a straight face, said,
"The doohickey on the bottom, the green one that turns."
"Oh, when do you want me to fix it?'

You know you've been married a while, when you know to translate from "technical" to "wifespeak".  And the funny thing is, he's the one that told me what that particular part is called.  I truly think it was a combination of him being sleepy after lunch, and stress from allergies, as well as a particularly involved job he is working on, under deadline.

Or maybe he just hadn't heard me say "doohickey" lately... ; )


  1. I haven't heard anyone use "doohickey" lately, and it's such a good word that can be applied to so many things.

  2. Pineapple is worth a war dance. As for the doohickey, is that anywhere near the whatsis? ;)

  3. Now I want pineapple! Neat story. Hope the vacuum is fixable.


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