Thursday, May 02, 2013


Spring is tentatively saying hello.  We didn't have any frost last night.  In fact it's supposed to be mid 80's by Sunday.  So I watered everything today, and took a few pictures.   

Dianthus.  I wanted to use this for my background,
but the file is too large.  So enjoy here, I guess...

Peas.  I need to get these out somewhere soon. 
I half expect to come out and have it invade...
Peas everywhere!

A something that I received from a friend.
She didn't know what it was either.
It likes sun, and has red blossoms when it blooms.

I doubled the blooms on my lilac this year.
The shade tells you why it's not screaming along...

A small sample of my tomatoes...
Not counting the ones from seed.

Peppers, Zukes, and a Crookneck.  

We have new seasonal renters again...
Man, they attack each other, dive bomb, 
and generally make a big old racket.
Then the babies show up, and flying seems to be 
daylight to dusk... 


  1. Too bad about the flying pests but you sure have a green thumb.

  2. You are going to have a lovely and yummy garden! If i were a rabbit, i'd want to live near you.;)

    1. You wouldn't want to live near me as a rabbit, Rudee seems to think they are squeaky toys... He hasn't hurt any, but he insists on chasing them so he can hear the squeak... (Usually into a blackberry thicket...)



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