Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cobble Beach.

Husband finally, but FINALLY was able to finish that nasty job he'd been working on for what seems like months.  (In truth, probably about one, but it just seemed to consume time, effort, and patience.  I was going to draw the line when "will to live" came up...)  So, to celebrate, we went on a trip to the coast. (Yes, I like the coast.  I like the mountains, too, but Husband loves the coast, and he was driving.)  So, here is a little bit about Cobble Beach.

There is a set of stairs down to the beach.  They are actually rather pretty, made of (now weathered) wood.  The beach itself isn't visible from the road, it's in a little alcove.  (And it one of a few places maintained by the Bureau of Land Management, so it costs a bit to get in, about $7.) 

This picture here shows how the wind, water, and weather made the grain come out of the wood.  It is very smooth to hold, though.

Little somethings that were growing out from behind a sign.  I meant to ask what they were, but for now, "vine" suffices.  And "fern".  

Arriving on the beach, there was this discarded gate.  It was a shiny brass color, but I somehow doubt that the BLM would pay for a brass gate.  Or leave it sit, either... I don't know if it was something from the various storms that push in things, or something from earlier times of this being set up.

 The cobbles. (The rocks are from a volcano, umpty ump time ago.  They form this round cobble from the waves.  These are the cobbles furthest from the ocean.)

This are the cobbles nearest the shore.  The sound that the ocean makes is something like applause... I found a YouTube video, it isn't quite the amazing sound, but you can get the idea.. (Listen...)

One of the denizens of the not-so-deep tide pools.  I thank Husband for this picture, it was fairly far out, and he hopped to or three rocks and had to time the tide so he didn't get himself partly drenched.  

Hello, Sailor!

 This picture is of the numerous birds that are around.  The top of the rock looks fuzzy?  It's ALL birds.  A lot of the side, too.

Then there were some seals that were enjoying a sunbath.  They were so far away, though, it looked to me more like someone had set out a plate of fish!

This was a memorial outside of the Lighthouse.  It is for all the sailors that have been lost at sea. (Enlarge to read.)

I believe this is the Lighthouse keeper's place.  You can take tours to the top of the lighthouse, but they didn't have one while we were there.  164 feet high, you get your aerobic activity!

The lighthouse proper.  I took the shot from the beach, it is hard to take a good picture close up... 

This was in the interpretive center.  The lighting wasn't so great, so I didn't get pictures in there, but they had information on the area, the lighthouse itself, the animals, and the people that worked there...

Again, I couldn't get a picture, but one funny that I noticed... The lighthouse keepers and families needed entertainment, and they had "libraries" that were rather overlarge wooden suitcases filled with books. Every few months, the supplies would come in, and they would trade the "library" they had for a new one... This was from the 1800's on, to about 1960's.

They had a sample library on the wall. I started looking at the books.  Robin Hood, Ivanhoe, Pilgrim's Progress, Shakespeare... Star Wars?!??  I think someone snuck something in, to see if anyone would notice.  It was a hardcover book, and it looked like a standard copy, just like the rest of the books.  I must say, it made Husband and I laugh quite a bit.  

And this was in the ladies restroom, by the changing table.  I just thought it was cute.


  1. Mountains are great, but for sheer relaxation, there's noting quite like a day to sit on a beach.

    Love that you noticed the book! LOL

    1. I like both, so yes, beach or mountain! :)
      I need to comment on it next time I go, see what the BLM folks say.


  2. I've always loved lighthouses and have visited most of the ones here in Oregon. Love your pictures.

    1. I want to do that, I have visited a few, but not all. Nice goal to have, huh? And thanks!


  3. What lovely pictures. I love the effects of weather on natural things like wood and stone. AND the picture of the starfish really does appear to posing. Really fun post to read.

    1. Thank you! The stone is the really amazing thing, how much they stay round, but get so TINY after a while... Thanks!

  4. The beach for me! It's been so long...


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