Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Brown Turd... With dinner and a movie!

Yesterday was our anniversary.  We had made some tentative plans to go to the coast, but considering the temperature and humidity were about the same as sitting in a running dishwasher, we decided that everyone ELSE would want to go to the coast, and we would stay home.  We have the option of going other times of the week when traffic wouldn't be so chaotic.

Husband worked for a while on a generator, while I cleaned out the garden a little and watered like mad.  It has been raining, and now the plants expect lots of water... Oh, well.  Considering some areas in the US and Canada, I am not going to gripe much about rain OR sun.  So.  This generator was not well loved by the company he received it from, to wit:  The paperwork he received about it had it named "The Brown Turd".  It was indeed a mess...

Husband had to flush out the radiator several times, put new oil in it, and other bits and bobs that cleaned it up, (Hellloooo power washer!), and even had to run degreaser through it to clean out some things... Grease is suppose to be in the engine, not the water supply. Eeep.  (And when he was checking the garbage coming out, he stuck a finger in the water, it came out looking like calf scours.  Not really a good sign...)  The anitfreeze was another charmer.  It is normally a green or blue color?  This stuff came out somewhere between lumpy hot chocolate, and mud.  He even had to cut some stuff off of it with a torch and a cut off wheel... And everything around watered down to the Nth degree...  And the water buffalo ready nearby, as well as the water hose by the pump house.  Why yes, we are paranoid about fire, why do you ask?

But, after all the babying that he did, it runs, (the company said it was scrap). He was also, over a couple days, able to catch up with a friend of his for information, and general jawboning.  He will either have something for him to sell, or a back up for our generator.  So, good payback for some elbow grease.  And a lot of icky scum...

It will be rechristened, however.  Husband wants to paint it, possibly gray, so something Elephantine is more in line with the new color.  Husband humors me about naming everything, so he isn't looking too askance.  Oddly tho, I still haven't named the other generator we have.  I sometimes refer to it as the Cannon, however.  (When we run it, the HUGE muffler looks like a cannon pointed at the neighbor's house.)

I stayed inside and knit some, and am about half finished with a baby blanket for my charity.  I think it's about the third one I have made, but not sent.  I will box them all together and send them at one time, surprise the heck out of the folks...

Finally, we both realized we were hungry, and went out to Chez Clucker for dinner. (AKA KFC). We decided on dinner and a movie, so bummed the flicks "Up" and "Ghost" from Mom and Dad (we share movies back and forth.)  We sort of laughed, in a black humor sort of way, when we realized the films that we had for our anniversary had the woman die in one, the guy die in the other!

We didn't have an adventurous day, but we had fun, and accomplished a little, so it was a nice day. I guess after a couple decades plus, that is a really special thing.


  1. Yesterday was MY anniversary also; thirty-nine years. Nice to know we both share the same SPECIAL DAY.

    1. Ok, that's cool! Happy Anniversary! And yes, it's pretty special, I do agree.


  2. Congratulations to you both.

  3. Happy anniversary xx

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    Your day sounds different, bet you won't forget it!

  5. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! It sounds like it was a day for making memories, which is what's important.

  6. Happy Anniversary!

  7. Congrats on the Anniversary,Cat! I am glad you had a nice day. A casual dinner with a couple movies sounds like a nice way to spend some time together.

  8. Happy Anniversary. and Happy 4th of July today. B


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