Sunday, July 07, 2013

Calling Edgar Allen Poe, and spookiness... Sort of.

It's been warm here, (for Oregon, at any rate), and so I have had to water more.  While I was watering, this small bee (??) showed up.  It doesn't show up as well in the photo, sadly, but the little thing was as gold as a bar at Fort Knox.  I think it was the natural color of the bug, too, it didn't look like pollen, or that it had been sprayed with something...  It was a very laid back bug, I took several pictures, even put it in shadow several times, it just sat placidly, until it figured it was time to go do bee things again.


Ok, you need to know a little back story on this.  I am superstitious.  If you knew the family background I have, it only stands to reason.  I try desperately not to go overboard, then something like this happens...

I got up very early, just after sunrise, to go weed the garden.  (I do not do well in warm, and then working in warm on top of that, is just not good...)  The garden is situated right next to where we have buried Lama.  (It was the only spot that wasn't a swamp at that point...)  So, I am out, weeding, Rudee is sleeping over by the mound, and I hear humming.

Llama humming.

Well, that's not too unusual, so I look up, expecting my moochie threesome to be by the fence, begging for treats.  Nothing.  I don't see a llama one.  But I am still hearing the humming.  Then Rudee wakes up, and LOOKS AT THE MOUND.

Ok, what is going on?  I walk over, and the humming continues, and is getting louder.

Ahem.  This is starting to freak me out, more than a little bit...

I walk over to the fence.  There has to be a llama around, or my hearing's going, or something.  Rudee walks over to the mound, and sniffs.

You are NOT helping, dog...

I finally leave the garden, and walk up right next to Rudee, and then I see it...  Annie, the smallest of my llamas, is standing directly behind the mound, in such a way that I couldn't see her from the garden.  She looks at me with those big brown eyes and hums again, looking for her two 'sisters', who haven't come down the hill yet.

I knew it couldn't be a ghost!  Cats see ghosts, dogs pretty much ignore them!  (I guess I am lucky it wasn't Buzz in the garden with me!)


  1. Well, didn't that get the blood flowing? I think it would have gotten my BP up just a tad!

  2. I would of assumed I had a new disease that appears in the form of buzzing in my ears.

    Cats can sense ghosts??? I should of taken my cat when I went to the haunted hotel a few weeks ago. I wasn't aware of this.

  3. Well, i'm not sure i would have wanted to know! LOL

    Love the pic of the bee.

  4. Sparkly, gorgeous bee! It has been warm here, but i've heard it will cool to mid 70s soon. :). A little spooky for sure!


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