Sunday, July 21, 2013

Oregon Coast Aquarium (Lots of pics...)

For my birthday, Husband decided to take me to the Oregon Coast Aquarium about 2 days ago.  We hadn't been there in quite a while, (we both think it may have been when we were first married, or even a tiny bit before...) We both enjoy museums, bookstores, places with lots of 'stuff' to read, and we like animals, so this great for us on a few levels. 

Also, I want to say here and now, my Husband went above and beyond today, he helped me trim llama toes today.  Dolly, most especially, is a complete lunatic, and the worst Husband said was "ouch".  Major Husband points for him today...

So, on with the show. The entrance has pictures of all the 'stars' of the show...

The first tanks as you go in are of "touchable" animals, the stars were the most obvious, and even moved once in a while...

The jellyfish are in a big round tank, and it is as much fun to watch the people staring at the 'fish as it is watching the fish.  I am not sure if it is true, but I have been told they have no brains. (Safe from Zombies?)  I suspect it is true, when I saw one swim, hit the bottom of the tank, then continue down, bonk, bonk, bonk, bonk, bonk...  

I believe this is a rock fish.  And a sea anemone.  The anemones were in almost every tank.  The fish seemed to ignore them, except when they would 'wake up', pushing the fronds out, and spooking the fish away from them.  I don't believe they do anything to them, I think it's just natural fish paranoia.

A wolf eel skull.  Surprisingly, it looks a little like a cat or dog skull, except that it is very narrow.  And maybe a bit shorter than a dog's muzzle. But I think I will avoid teasing any of the above, those teeth mean business!

 Cue scary shark music...  Oh, wait.


Never mind.

These salmon have been here since the opening of the Aquarium, and give you 'directions' on how to go through the exhibits.  I was taking a picture of it, and I think I heard no less than three people ask why the woman was taking pictures of the ceiling... And at least one or two parents, who then pointed at stroller bound children with, "FISH-EEEES!!!"  (I was sure that human voices really aren't supposed to go that high, but the kids seemed to like it.)

A Tufted Puffin, who was having a bird bath.  Water everywhere!  I managed to get the shot without drenching the camera, however.  The birds are in an enclosure, and you can more or less be right up with them.   

This is mom and dad Black Oystercatcher, with a brand new baby, that had very little interest in staying with Mom OR Dad, which was ticking Mom off, considerably!

A  Pigeon Guillemot that is sunning on the rocks.  They keep an eye on the people, but since most all of them have been raised in captivity, they aren't exactly concerned...  

Then we went into the tank area, it's a huge tunnel, where the fish swim around you.  I believe this is a canary rock fish.  It sort of reminded me of sci-fi, these fish would just stop when they felt like it, hanging motionless, floating.  (Hello, Major Tom?)

A ray of some ilk, that went right past the camera when I walked in.  I was actually trying to take a picture of a fish behind it, so I guess this is a finny photo bomb?

A school of something, that moved in unison, everywhere they went.  I think they were a little nervous about the sharks. And... pretty much everything else in the tank...

An otter.  I believe his name is "Judge".  He was busy preening, which mostly consisted of tucking his rear up so he could wash his back flippers, and then overbalancing himself, and rolling.  It was well approved by the audience, who started counting the rolls.  I think we moved on after 15 or so.  

This is a brass sturgeon that is out in the main courtyard.  The nose is much lighter than the rest as people rub it... Good luck, and all that.  Or just because it's fun.  :)

After finishing up at the Aquarium, we were hungry.  We generally go to a local pizza chain.  The food is good. The view is AWESOME.  However, during the winter, it's a bet on if we will get to go to it in the spring. The roof has been taken off, at least twice that I know of, and the shingles are replaced on a depressingly regular basis... 

In fact, they have now switched to a tin roof, so we shall see how long THAT lasts.

(Thanks to Husband for this picture, mine had light poles in it.)

And I always try to swing by to see the "Dragon Fish", it is a skeleton that washed up on the Oregon coast and has been made into a monument nearby.  They regularly paint it, (the weather degrades it a lot), and this time it was blue whale colors.

(Thanks again to Husband, I was on the wrong side of the vehicle to get a good shot.)
So, if you happen to be around  Newport, Oregon, this is a really fun place to see.  Newport also has nice shops, good beaches, and generally nice weather.  So, here's the PR.
Oregon Coast Aquarium



  1. We live in Hillsboro, and have been to the aquarium a couple of times. My favorites are always the otters. They're just so full of personality! These are all great photos, btw! Now i want to go there again!

  2. Hooray for Husband! Many happy returns of the day to you!

    That is a place i would love to visit -- but first i need to get to our own local aquariums! Funny how the kids get to go with grandparents and school groups and somehow i've always missed out.

  3. Great pics. I love aquariums and don't spend enough time in them. Of course I could always jump in the ocean. Happy Birthday.

  4. looks like you had a great time and the husband is doing a wonderful job. Happy Birthday!

  5. The ray of some ilk photo bomb is hilarious. That looks like a really fun outing. I haven't been to an aquarium in years and that looks like a great one.

    Your husband is on a roll for scoring points. Llama toes, aquarium visit, and even picture taker. Yay!!! to your husband.

  6. You had quite an interesting time!


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