Saturday, October 19, 2013

Half of blogging...

Is actually putting up a blog post! 
(So, the other half.  I am sure that's important, too.  Now if I knew what it was...)  :) 

So, since I haven't written since mid September, and it's (past) mid October... A bit of catching up.

Went to several Neighborhood Watch things, they went well, and have been working on Tuesdays at the Substation all day... Had a funny/strange incident...  A young man came in and told me he had a warrant out, he wanted to turn himself in.  Uh.  Okay.  I decided not to ask why, or go into detail, just "gimme a minute to call dispatch".  (Would be the day that no deputies were in...)  As it turned out, he did NOT have a warrant out, it was a misunderstanding of something he was told by a fellow probation person.  (Whew!) Otherwise, my full day Tuesday is a lot of reading and knitting.  And occasionally trying not to fall asleep, after six hours.  Of quiet.  There are times when it is not real busy...  I have to get my password to be able to use the computer, otherwise I am locked out, and can't do blogging, or much else, for that matter.

Shrewsbury Faire again this year.  Saw my favorite young violinist.  I tried to drum him up some business... He would play, I would have a handful of change.  When someone would come by, I would make a point to throw a coin or two in.  Most did the same.  He didn't register what I was doing, when I told him, he kept asking me if I wanted a particular tune.  I told him, "yes, the next one", which made him laugh.

There was a pretty good turnout.  Lines for some of the acts, to get a good hay bale, uh, seat.  It is always interesting to see the variety of dress and costume at a faire...  

This is the way to get around faire! (Well, this, or the goat cart...)

I have been knitting by bits and snips.  This was my latest pbbbt.  I followed a pattern. In the picture it actually looks sort of okay.  However... I couldn't get it to lay flat, it had big creased areas that wouldn't be real nice for baby to lay on, and it just didn't look very nice.  So-

It is now recycled to become a different, hopefully NICER LOOKING blanket.
I am also knitting some charity stuff, and two or three Christmas presents.  Occasionally spinning, too.
If idle hands are the Devil's workshop, I think his tools are getting dusty, in my case.

Did you hear about the Great Shakeout on the 17th?  You were supposed to duck, cover and hold, as if for an earthquake. (Or atomic blast, if you are of a certain age...)  Anywho, I asked Husband to take a picture of me.  Um.  I think I really needed to rephrase how I wanted the picture taken.  Plus, I think, in the event of a real earthquake, I need to be UNDER the table.  Unlike the cat, who thinks if she's under something I can't see her, somehow I think this isn't exactly what the idea of "cover" is...

Mon Ami is getting used to his new home, he is first to the door in the morning, and when he's not chasing the girls about, he's by my feet, waiting and chuckling about for food.  He is finally getting some tail feathers back in, he looked like someone had given his tush a crew cut, there for a while... The only problem he has is that Rudee likes him.  And wants to be his friend.  Mon Ami is terrified of Rudee, and will run.  Which Rudee thinks is Mon Ami wanting to play.  I call Rudee back, thinking this can NOT end well...  In fact, I felt sorry for Mon Ami yesterday morning, I opened the hen house door, he ran out, and ran right into Rudee, panicked, did a back flip, (among other things), and ran back inside, not daring to leave until the dog was safely outside the pen.  

I was finally able to get a picture of the girls on the roost.  I had to use the flash because it was rather early in the morning. The chickens just looked so confused, and not sure about that... Even so, Mon Ami, he was up and ready to start the day!  (And no, I don't get the cobwebs real often, do I?)  

Huh.  Was going add one more picture here, but I can't get it to load.  Save it for next blog, I guess.  I won't promise a thing, but I will try and be a bit more bloggish, rather than once every couple fort nights...  


  1. Mon Ami - so cute! Cobwebs? Um... call it insulation, I'm good with that. Nice to see you again!

  2. It does sound like you stay busy, which is what i assume when we don't get a blog post often.

    Poor rooster -- i think i'd run if i had a very active dog after me, too!

    How was your garden this year?

  3. It's good hearing from you. I wondered where you'd gone. Sounds like you're keeping busy. Happy Weekend.

  4. I actually laughed out loud when I saw your picture "taking cover" under the table! Hilarious!

  5. It's been years since I knitted anything so if I did, it probably wouldn't be pretty and I probably would of called it good enough because it probably would of taken me half of my life to get if finished. (I am much faster at crocheting.)

    I wouldn't trust my husband to take a picture of me. NEVER EVER. I hate it when he takes a picture and my eyes are closed or something equally stupid and he says "You look fine."


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