Friday, November 15, 2013

What've I been doing? Home. And Jeepin' part 1.

Mom pointed out to me that I had not been blogging since before Halloween.  Ahem.  Oops.  I knew it had been a bit, but didn't realize it had been THAT long.  I haven't been able to blog at the sub.  I thought I was having trouble with the computer, turns out the computer itself was having trouble, to wit: it fell apart, and another one is on order.  Which I think is the third or fourth one since I have been there.  I keep wondering just what happens to those poor things, as bad off as they get...  

But anywho, things seem to be going okay.  The Halloweaster lily is STILL blooming, but it's getting sort of straggly looking, and so I think it's about finished for the season.

I have sat down and seriously critiqued what I have written on my book so far, and am going to rework it.  Let's just say, I realized that someone reading it would have no background, little character description, and the fact that I said "and then" about every third paragraph made it a dreadful task to read... So, I am using the "good stuff" that I have written, and work it into a restart.  

Tentative title, "Haulin' Kevlar"

Mon Ami is finally getting used to the girls, and the fact that llamas, crows, the cat, the door, and large buckets are not stuff to be afraid of.  Rudee, on the other hand, has not been doing much to help.  I have never seen a rooster stop quite so quickly as when Rudee is in the doorway.  Mon Ami will stop, make panicked noises, and run backwards to remove himself.  Rudee, sadly, thinks this is great fun, and he wants SO bad to make a new friend, and just can't understand why I am not letting him go sniff rampantly.  (Honestly, I am afraid if Rudee DID manage a sniff, that poor bird would drop dead from fright.)  Mon Ami is finally watching the girls enough to understand that pellets are not the only food around.  He was raised strictly on chicken food, and didn't seem too happy for a few days.  But soon he figured out the girls were scratching and eating, and they love kitchen scraps.  He now seems tentative, but he is trying some of this "new cuisine", and seems to approve.

Not going to give you too many pictures of the girls at the moment, they are molting.  Let's just say that they look like they lost a very violent fight... 

I have been using scraps from other spinning projects, and carded them all together, making "Leftover Batts".  I have then been spinning them.  It looks pretty nice, sort of a 'novelty yarn'.  I can also spin with this many more places than I can with my Ashford.  A spinning wheel is great, but it can be less than portable, in some cases.

I am also knitting... Uh.  Well, I have a mitten for charity, a hat and glove set for a gal, and x, y, and z, which are gifts I am knitting.  I also have a, b, and c, that will be worked on, when those are finished.  Also, I have a set of gloves I am working on for myself, to go with a scarf I finished.  And a baby blanket.  Yep, keeping needles busy.

Husband and I found out that some of the back road areas were open during hunting season.  Husband used to walk/bike/drive these roads when he was a kid, but they've been bought by big logging companies and closed off.  We jumped at the chance to drive out and see the sights. 

Um, it was nice, but the sights this day were foggy...

This is near the gate, and is a newly planted area.

It's been raining a LOT, 
and these mushroom colonies were all over.

Did I mention it's been raining a lot?
Any tracks that we went on were like this that day.

The sign says "Water Hole".
I have this strange expectation of seeing wagons,
and maybe a cow skull.

Houston, we have fog.

This was our track coming back down, 
which shows how little some of the areas are used.
Mossy roads? Not exactly heavy use.

This is Bunch Grass.  It's used a lot for florist filler.
We saw a few pickers coming out, 
but they must have been picking other things,
none of the grasses had been disturbed.

We enjoyed the jaunt, and decided to go again soon.  I will put those pictures up next blog.  It was sunny that day, and we were able to get some fabulous pictures.  


  1. Mon Ami surely will find the "tasty" factor in those table scraps. I can't believe that chicken pellets are made with taste in mind.

    You must be a speed knitter. I can't imagine getting all those projects done in less than my lifetime. One year I crocheted 8 afghans for Christmas gifts and I thought it might actually cause me to expire. The only thing that kept me going is the thought of my obituary stating crocheting as my cause of death. I am hoping for something more spectacular.

    Even with the dreary day, the pictures are fun to see. I look taking the back roads and seeing what there is to see.

    1. I don't think pellets are made with anything but efficiency in mind...

      I am not a speed knitter at all, just that it's mostly all I do with any spare moment. I get fidgety when I don't have something to do, and reading, writing, or knitting is the majority. Knitting, however, allows me to talk, or do other things while continuing, where the others really don't. But, ya know, death by knitting might be a different way to go... ;)

      We are sure enjoying "the road less taken"!


  2. Looks like a good day to wear a jacket.

    1. Indeed, it was getting pretty chilly. We didn't find any snow, but we were high enough, and it was cold enough, it could have been a possibility...


  3. Sure looks like you had a lot of fun!

  4. Amazing how the time goes by, isn't it? Poor Rudee, i'm sure he and Mon Ami could be friends, if he could understand what "go slowly" means.

    1. Go slowly is not really much in his vocabulary. If he thinks you are a friend, he will love you like crazy... Whether you want it, or not...



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