Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Well, managed to get into my blog from "the office", which means no pictures, but I do have a cute short story.

I have been working on a couple events that involve children.  And candy canes.  This time of year the canes are everywhere, so I didn't stop to think about it being a "new" thing to someone...

I had a little girl, maybe around 3ish, I was going to work with, and she was given a plastic wrapped candy cane.  Without a second thought, she stuffed it in her mouth.  She then had the oddest expression, took the cane out, and stared at it intently.

She said, "This candy is broken, it doesn't taste like anything!" 

Trying desperately not to burst out laughing, the concept of 'peeling' a candy cane was explained.

The cane disappeared very quickly, and crunchily, after that...


  1. A cute story. Knowledge starts with experience and we all start off in life as empty slates. That little girl will never make that mistake again.

  2. That's funny! Little tyke's mother has probably only ever given her ones she's unwrapped ahead. That had to be priceless.

  3. That is a cute story!!! you taught her a valuable lesson. Peel candy before eating.

  4. Oh, kids! All the best for the holidays.


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