Friday, January 31, 2014

A to Z... maybe?

Ok, I said I was going to blog once a week, but I think I missed one.  So. Oops.  I have two, or possibly more, if I get motivated this week, so it evens out, right? Heh...

A to Z challenge is coming up.  I am trying to decide if I want to participate for this year.  I seem to manage to get them all up, but between lots of "stuff" personally, and the computer not wanting to cooperate on occasion, I am torn.

I also have not an idea one of what to blog about alphabetically, for a month.

Normally I can come up with half a dozen ideas.  This time, since I saw the sign ups were open, my mind has been a dial tone.  (How's THAT for an anachronistic statement...)  I really think it is good for me to do, if for no other reason, it makes me think, and keeps me accountable.  But it's one of those, geez...  What's do we write, Precious???

Sorry, drifting off into my goofy side again.

Oddly enough, I have been thinking about fan fiction, and working on an A through Z for a couple shows I like, but wouldn't be able to do them for the challenge.  Mostly because some would be entirely too long.  Also, I would have to check if it can be put on both my personal blog, and the fan blog.

I had seriously thought about doing A to Z knitting.  But, I found that I don't really know what do do about it for several letters.  And I like having my blog general, not so specific.  I guess I could always cut my blog in half, I think I might have even tried it that way, with the "A to Z" part up top, and the daily bloggity items after.  Hmm...  Or I could generalize even more, and make it crafting...

So, to A to Z, or not A to Z, that is the question...  Thoughts?  Comments?  Chocolate?? Oh, wait...

I will continue to knit, spin, and ponder.  Well, except at noon today, when I am taking a class for doing some work for the Sheriff's Office.  They have decided that we volunteers are a valuable resource for paperwork reduction.  I think the fact that most of the volunteers have been grousing and complaining that they have nothing to do while on shift has something to do with it.

Me?  I am known as the "Bag Lady", I carry my personal "bag of tricks" containing books, patterns, knitting or crocheting, snacks, MP3 player, paper and pens, and whatever else I think I might need for entertainment while I am on shift. (We have lots of time between people and calls, most days.) I have a miniature version I take when I am doing errands, normally containing a sock knitting project, and perhaps a (SMALL) book.   Anywho, I am taking the class, we shall see if I participate, but I figure, I am in the "shop" for 8 hours on Tuesday, so if I don't like the book, the knitting isn't working out, I don't have my password for the blog, and my MP3 player isn't charged up, I could always help out...

Hee hee hee...

In all seriousness, it sounds like it would be a great help to the folks, and they certainly help me enough, when I need it, so if I can return the favor, great.

Oh, and 2 last little things...

Did my blood donation again, and I noticed the gent seemed to be needing to draw on my arm a bit more than what they normally do.  I didn't pay much attention, we were gabbing, of all things, about St. Patrick's day...  Well, when I took the little bandage off, I found out what he'd been up to...

Say Cheese!
This photo thanks to Husband, I found out that a picture of one's arm is an extreme challenge not to blur, even with the "close up" part of the camera on.

And the other thing...

You know what?  I will keep that for tomorrow.  That way you can have some pics, too.

So, tune in tomorrow!


  1. I like to plan ahead, so I already have 99% of my topics for 2 different blogs (darn that X anyway!!) I keep a spreadsheet throughout the year and add to it when an idea strikes me. I swear I'm not anal!

    I always carry things to do when I know I'm going to be waiting someplace. I'd go bonkers otherwise.

  2. I could never do the A to Z thing because I don't always get on line. I think my posts would be as dry as toast.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I guess I will go with 'C' and make the title font a bit smaller. It was nice that you took the time to participate!
    Cute little smile!

  3. I might give the A-Z challenge a try once I run out of things to write about----heaven forbid!

  4. I'm pondering what to do for the A - Z as well - so far I'm blank

  5. Blog when you want to and can, A to Z or not, but definitely chocolate.

    Good for you, donating! And i'll be waiting for those next pictures.

  6. I forgot all about the A-Z challenge. I definitely think you 'should' do it. But who am i to say, really? I want to.. but sometimes the minute i sit down here at my laptop, my mind goes utterly BLANK. Why does this happen, i ask myself? But at least i'm not answering myself, right?

  7. I am also iffy this year about A to Z.
    God bless you for donating blood:)


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