Wednesday, January 08, 2014

January, Grandma, and doin's....

So, I have decided that I will set short term goals.  I figure, make them small, they might get finished.
Goal #1 for January, go through my clothing, see what fits, what doesn't, toss, donate, and get things where I don't have all these t-shirts that you could read the paper through, STILL in the closet.

Knitting goal, finish all the projects sitting beside the couch, and NOT STARTING NEW ONES.  Technically, I have not broken this one yet, because the one pair of socks I started December 31... But as much as I have been thinking about at least 2 new knitting projects, I really need to get this 'stuff' finished, especially when I realize one project needs a little cuff.  About oh, 15 or 20 minutes work.  So, that is goal #2.

Goal #3, write my blog at least once a week.  And not the words "My Blog", as was suggested by a silly person at the sub...

Grandma.  She is... very, VERY colorful at the moment, sort of like someone took a paintbrush full of grape juice and whacked the poo out of her...  Grandma is very pale, to begin with, so this dark purple, blue and blackish coloring shows up REAL well.  She is getting better, still rather weak, but the place she is in, is sort of hospital like, (a rehab center they call it, but I keep getting the image of Betty Ford in my head for some reason, which has nothing to do with the task at hand...)  She is being given therapy quite a bit, and seems to be doing well.  She isn't taking any pain meds, which I am not sure is a good thing, personally, but it's her choice, and I am not going to argue with a 96 year old retired head nurse...  My parents, my Auntie, and I, all checked in on her at one time or another, so we know she is being taken care of.  Having had bad experiences in the past with elder care, we tend to err on the side of Grizzly Bear...

And, Bless him, Husband was worried that I would get stressed out and ruminate on Grandma, so he took me to the coast, and reminded me to take my camera.  I am happy to say, we are NOT having the Ice Vortex, or whatever they call it, at the moment.  It has been freezing here, off and on, but nothing to the extent I've been hearing other places...  Anywho, here's some sights.

This is Devil's Lake, by Lincoln City.  
No, don't know why it's called that, but it was pretty when we were by.
Quite a little batch of houses nearby, too. 

Peace, dude!
A friendly dragon at a park near the lake.

the black scales on the dragon are recycled tires.
Not the best view in this picture, 
but it really makes the dragon look neat.

Just a nice view out to the ocean.

A fishing boat.  
I always wonder about where they go off to,
what stories the boat might tell.
The people might have a few, too... 


  1. The Dragon is neat. The Ocean is so serene. thanks for sharing. God Bless you. Amen.

  2. Glad to hear that Grandma is doing well as she recovers. I'm sure the multiple shades of purple are disconcerting...
    Lovely pic of Devil's Lake and the adorable dragon!

  3. Your grandma is 96? That's certainly a nice long life. I hope she recovers soon. Take care.

  4. Good goals!! We usually do set the bar too high-- then the fall off is harder ! We are finally losing snow ice from the ice storm here in Maine the wk before Christmas! Stay warm- keep those needles clicking !!

  5. Cat, i hope your Grandma is recovering well. It's nice that your DH took you on a bit of a get-away, the area looks beautiful!

  6. Going through clothing and pitching things sounds like a huge goal to me. I hate that whole process. Usually, when I do manage to toss some things out, I later regret it.

    Purple is not a good color for grandmas but I am glad she is being taken care of so well. I think that sounds admirable that she isn't taking pain meds. Perhaps the side effects would impact her recovery.


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