Monday, March 31, 2014

Hee, hee!


A couple days ago, Husband and I were sitting in the front room, when Rudee started barking.

Bark.  Barkbark.  Woof!

We looked at each other, then out at the road. Nothing, but we could hear an engine.


That's odd...  We both stood, to get a better view down the road, where there was indeed a vehicle coming, but nothing out of the ordinary.


A Bronco buzzed past the house.


Husband clicked on it before I did.  "Honey, Rudee thinks that your dad is coming over..."  (My Dad quite often drives a Bronco, and Rudee knows once Dad's parked, Rudee gets a treat.)

Sure enough, when we went out and checked on Rudee, he was standing up against the front of the kennel, watching the driveway, and looking very confused.


We gave him a cracker, and he seemed okay, but my, oh, my, did he still seem confused...


I put on a blue shirt to wear for my normal Monday shopping day.  I had to make a quick stop at the Sheriff's Office, and saw several of the deputies, as well of the Sheriff and Undersheriff.  Didn't think a thing of it, I have talked to most all of them before, so I just trotted in like usual, and said hi as I went past.  They all said hi, then started slightly.  The Undersheriff laughed.



I walked down the hall, and saw one of the detectives.  He sort of waved.  I tried to figure out who it was, but had no clue, and didn't know why he'd wave at me...

Went on about my business, then left.

That's when I actually registered what I had on my shirt...

Complete with "Book 'em, Danno!" on the back.

Oh, and the Detective?  I finally figured out, he gave me the "hang loose" sign.

Guess I'm good for a chuckle, if nothing else...


  1. Rudee will love seeing Broncos forever since they come with cookie treats ! lol

  2. Poor Rudee! He'll have to learn the difference between the Bronco that brings treats, and the ones that don't.

    There have been times when i've only realized later that what i wore was amusing, too. Like the time the kids convinced me to let us have backwards day at home school, and i forgot to turn the shirt around before i went out...

    Happy A to Z, starting tomorrow!

  3. It's always good to keep cops laughing. Take care.

  4. AW, poor Rudee!

    Book 'em, Cat! Hee hee.

  5. Stopping by from the A to Z Blog Challenge.

    I love the theme to to catching. Great post...

  6. Poor Rudee was confused why that Bronco didn't stop with the treats. Thank goodness Broncos are getting rarer or poor Rudee would have his hopes dashed far more often.


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