Monday, March 10, 2014

Snow days here...

These are a few pictures from when our area got an unusual blast 'o snow and ice...  Let's see what Rudee's opinion of going out into deep snow for a potty break...

Uh. Yeah.  

It didn't exactly thrill him.  Husband finally dug a trail so Rudee wouldn't slip and tumble, or go in his kennel...

Husband and I had to go out in the snow, which made our hats wet.  Fortune would have it, we had a convenient place to dry them next to the stove.  Doesn't Loopy look fashionable? Heh... 

This Sequoia had about 7 inches of snow on it at this point.  Most of the trees around ended up looking like closed umbrellas...  Amazingly, most (not all) popped right back out again... Except for the ones that played "let's dump massive amounts of limbs.  Nah, we'll just fall over..."  This tree was a nice exception.

My goofball llamas aren't as goofball as I thought.  I saw them digging, then they would sit on the hay under the snow.  I would feed where they were sitting, so they could dine there.  Husband said it was Bed and Breakfast.  I think I agree...  The snow would pile up on the back, they would shake it off occasionally, but it never seemed to bother them a bit.

THIS is when it became interesting.  It's a pretty image, but the ice damaged a lot, even my forgiving bamboo lost several branches...  

See that little tiny yellow dot on the top of the snow pile?  That's Digger, my little yellow rubber duck.  We put him atop the snow pile my Husband made so we could get out, and it took the little guy about 2 1/2 weeks to get down to ground level again.

And that, my friends, is Digger, all cleaned up, and ready for the next adventure.  But he really hopes it involves sunshine!  His tush is a bit cold!


  1. Oh, i love the pic of Digger on the snow! Such a fun way to measure the snow and how fast it goes. For the trees, i know some people used lightweight poles or brooms to shake as much snow off of them as they could, so as not to lose branches or the whole tree.

    And poor Rudee! He doesn't look much like he's enjoying himself. Your llamas are smart.

  2. Great pictures, even though they make me want to bundle up in front of a warm fire.

  3. The pine tree is just so pretty in the picture but that kind of heavy snow that breaks down trees is a horrible thing to deal with. That is a lot of snow that Digger was sitting on.

    I know nothing about Llamas...but it seems they fared rather well with your help. They are lucky to be taken care of by good care givers. Bed and Breakfast yet.

  4. I'm with digger - I'll take sunshine over snow and rain any day! It's been a terrible winter and I'm ready for it to be over. I love how instinctual your llamas were. I'm getting ready for the A-Z Challenge so the snow here has been a bit beneficial to my writing. Can't wait to see what you do too. Enjoy!!

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge


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