Thursday, April 03, 2014

C is for Choke...

When I first learned to drive, Mom and Dad wanted me to have a sturdy vehicle.  This is how I became the proud owner of a 1953 Chevy pickup.  Now, starting this vehicle was a bit different than just turning the key.

You pulled the choke out, about halfway, then turned the key, tap the gas... Just a little!  Then you pressed the starter button on the right side, on the floor.  Always started for me, even on the coldest days.  Dad explained it didn't have a solenoid, so you had a more manual method of getting it to go.

But what I remember most is looking at the choke button.  It had scratch marks all the way 'round it.  I kept wondering about it, none of the other vehicles on the place had scratches all around any of the buttons... Hmm.  I asked Dad, whence the scratches?

Turns out, it was one of my female relatives, (right now, I can't recall if it was a great-grandma or auntie...), and she had longer fingernails.  Reaching for the choke, she would consistently tap her nails on the paint, digging in a bit each time.  Obviously, she drove it quite a bit, because there were shiny little edges on the sides, contrasting to the gray paint of the interior.

The truck also had vacuum wipers.  This was not the world's greatest thing, if you were going uphill, you didn't have wipers, the vacuum was too busy making the truck go.  But, man, oh, man, I thought the wipers were going to be torn off going DOWN hill!

That truck saved me and Mom, but from time to time, I still think of the bits and pieces that made up my time with it.  Odd how things remind you of family...

Since I can't remember if I have had any pics of late, here are a few...

I finally remembered to take a picture of my Iknitarod finish.  (And no, I still haven't finished the last hat, I have been working on a few other projects, even one for... GASP... Me!)  So, at least I have a good start for getting the stuff in by December... 50+ more to go... (sigh.)

Hope springing eternal in spring that I will get one of the hens broody.  There are 5 marble eggs, and at least the hens think it's a good spot to put more in... Hopefully someone will get the bright idea to SET.  Hmph.

Tried to get a close up of Chattanooga, but he kept moving, so this is the best one I could get... But he is turning into a handsome bird.  And finally figuring out how to do his job.  I was a bit nervous about having the two roosters, but they seem to have turned into good buddies.  I haven't seen them fight, except, oddly where food is involved.  Mon Ami eats ALONE!! 

Mon Ami, on the other hand, seems to know what a camera is, and will wait when he sees me holding the camera out.  I have a bird that likes paparazzi!

Here is some of the repairs we worked on yesterday.  Husband said there are about 3 or so more to do, but once they are up, the roof should be pretty braced.  Actually, the support brace on the right might get moved up some, Husband thinks it's too low, and might catch the top of vehicles...  Glad he's doing it, not me.

And I am so not in the perky department today... Last night, about one-ish, Husband sits up suddenly, sniffing.  "Do you smell smoke?!??"  I panic, and sit up, sniffing about.


He sniffs again.  Huh.  Guess my nose must be off.  'Night.

And he was out again like a light.  I finally relaxed enough to get back to sleep about 4.  Juuusst getting into a good Z mode, and BOOOM!  

A huge explosion by the bedroom window, and every dog within a mile goes into terrified barking... 6:22 a. m.... I wondered if it was a transformer exploding, or someone with a shotgun.

We never did find out what caused it... But, that ended any attempted sleep for the morning.

And Sammy, the neighbor's pit bull, was STILL barking, about an hour later. Sammy will never have to worry about deep thoughts.  That dog better be glad he's a cute, lovable dingbat, because he is the biggest dork in this county.


  1. Anonymous1:34 PM

    What a fantastic tale. And such great names for those chickens, I especially like Chattanooga! Strange that you never found out what the bang was - Maybe it was a truck backfiring, lol. But it couldn't have been too bad, otherwise you'd have heard some news. :)

  2. It has been a long time since I heard the word "Choke" in this context.
    Love your knitting and the little eggs.

  3. I've never driven a pick-up that old and doubt the engine would start for me. Glad that BOOM didn't turn out to be anything serious.

  4. Enjoyed your post. Old vehicles make for good memories! Great photos, too. Your chickens are beautiful! Great knitting, too!

  5. Oh, i love the comment about the lovable, dork dog!

    Putting up those braces had to be hard, i comment your husband and you for helping.

    As for driving a car with a choke, i never did. While i can drive a standard if i'm pushing into a corner, i never got really good at it. Anything more complex than that, well, i just never had the opportunity.

  6. Mon Ami must be a Favorelle lol One of our roosters Ollie By Golly is a Favorelle and loves to pose ...oh those Frenchies lol

  7. Love your post! Trucks, knitting and chickens!

    I found you on a-z and clicked on your blog because of you title. It made me smile :-)

  8. I remember the choke. It's interesting how we forget all the things even we had to go through in what must seem like the olden days to some.

  9. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Hmmm. A mystery. Sonic boom from an airplane? I envy your farming life! Would love to pop out and get me some fresh eggs!!

  10. Never drove a vehicle where I had to be concerned about the choke, so that was kinda cool. And I had no idea you could prompt a chicken to lay by faking her out with marble eggs! How awesome is THAT? I'm learning so much during this Challenge -- even if I am several letters behind!

    I'm participating in AtoZ, too.
    See you around!


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