Monday, April 07, 2014

F is for Fun.

Screwy things you do as a kid.  No wonder parents end up with gray hair...

I was about 6 or 7ish.  It had snowed, and I got the bright idea to make a dogsled.  I had the dog, a big love of a St. Bernard named Buddy, I had the lead, a very strong jump rope I tied to his collar, and... No sled.


Dad wasn't home, and the sled was stored in the barn, and as I remember, Mom wasn't able to reach it. (Dad is quite a bit taller than she is, and he tends to put things up over HIS head...) I wasn't going to let this little problem stop me.  I then wondered if I could ride my tricycle in the snow.  It sort of worked.

And so I then decided to tie the trike, to the dog, and then I would have my very own Iditarod.  Buddy sat patiently, wagging his tail, and blowing snow everywhere, while I tied the rope firmly to the handlebars.  And then, jumping on the trike, I yelled for him to run...

For any children reading this, please don't tie the rope to the handlebars.  Please.  It really seemed like a good idea.  It's not.

It was great fun!  For about 5 seconds...  Then Buddy made a sharp turn to the left.  Since the rope was firmly tied to the handlebars, it turned sharply to the left...  Jackknifing it thoroughly, and tipping it over.

You know that term "face plant"?  I think that would perfectly describe my dismount.  Buddy didn't even notice.  He loved to run, he loved snow (except when it would fall from the roof on him, but that's another story), and so he kept going, leaving me to get up and try to chase him down to get my trike back.

Mom, blessedly, didn't have heart failure when she saw this debacle, but did let me know it wasn't to be repeated.  She told Dad about it when he came home, he was wise enough not to crack up, although I did notice a trace of possibly a small smile play on his lips when she finished.

He did get down the sled for me.

But I was told the dog was not to be attached to THAT either...


But hey, at least I didn't try butting heads with a young bull while wearing a football helmet.  I left that one for my Brother-in-law.

His Mom wasn't real impressed, either.


  1. I hope you plan on elaborating on that bull and head butting story.

  2. To borrow a term from the blogger Scriptor Senex, LSHMGFOAIDMCC -- laughing so hard my glasses fell off and i dropped my coffee cup!

  3. Dogs put up with so much from kids, don't they?

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

  4. OK, that sounds fun to me! At least until the jack-knife part & stampeding dog. We tied a sled on the back of one of my sister's horses and took turns riding around the yard like that. Funnest thing ever!! This was like 2 years ago, so no youthful shenanigans there!


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