Friday, April 11, 2014

I is for Internet.

Well, a less retro entry, I suppose.  But I was thinking about how the 'net has changed.  When I was in high school, one of my friends had internet.  One.  It was a very unusual thing, and the schools were barely out of the old 'green screen' computers.  I remember the wheeee-grind-buzzzzz-grind-eeeeee sound before the computer connected.

AOL was a major player for getting online.  I never used that particular one, but I still remember the "YOU'VE GOT MAIL" tag that I heard, and it seemed to be a pop culture staple.

I know most of my friends had much faster internet than I did, even recently.  To wit: the speed averaged 28.8 to 30.0, not exactly speedy.  One four minute download was about, oh, on a good day... an hour or so.  Basically I would start a download, go do something, then come back and check.  If I was lucky, the download was still running, and hadn't timed out.

Husband and I decided to bite the proverbial bullet, and get fairly fast internet... At least for this area.  It's a benefit for Husband's work, he sends big files, and well, a 12 to 15 hour upload just wasn't going to cut it.  So, we found that there were fun things to do with the internet, besides his work.  We could look up things for our respective hobbies.  We could watch shows that we missed, or can't get on our TV.  I can blog, and look at cute kitten pictures.

Ok, I admit it, this is one time that I think that retro isn't the direction I'd like to go...


  1. Me, too! Some of the best and most wonderful friends i've made have been through the internet, including you! Someday i have to get up to your area to visit.

  2. I wonder how long the Internet will be around, and I wonder how we'll live without it when it's gone. Nothing lasts forever.


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