Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for... Old?

I had a friend that went into depression on her 40th birthday.  "I am so OOOOOLD!"  That repeated refrain sent me from mild sympathy, to mild humor, and dipped soon to mild annoyance.  I can't even remember how old I am, most of the time, without 'doing the math', so I really couldn't get worked up about it for my birthday.

I figure I'm lucky I am still around... I started thinking about age.

The oldest chicken I have - 4 years.

Rudee, my dog - nearing 12

The oldest llama I had, made it to about 26.

Oldest person that I can think of in my family - 95.

Oldest person I ever knew personally- 104.

Oldest (verified) living person -122

Oldest tree - around 4000 years old

Oldest known Barbeque - one million years ago, approximately...

Oldest known thing on Earth - 4.4 billion years old (a gem).

The Moon - 4.5 billion years, give or take.

Aaaannd the Universe, in general - 13.8 billion years, or thereabouts.

All things being equal, I feel pretty young, really!


The weather has been sunny here, but today it's raining.  We could use it, a little bit... The various fruit trees here are flowering, which gives the aspect of snow when the wind blows in the afternoon. Somehow, I think there are several areas in the US that really would like THAT kind of 'snow storm' now...

Unfortunately, the wasps have been waking up and buzzing around.  I am sure happy Husband finished the bracing in the pole barn while it was still early!  I go out to my pickup, in said pole barn, and I might find one, two, or sometimes several wasps, sitting on the hood.  I have to be careful, this time of year, they will bounce onto some of the vents, and it's not unusual to have one or two in the CAB.  I am not allergic, small blessing, but I still don't want to be stung.  

I will be staying home today (gasp!!!), so I will be getting a fair amount of... Ok, if you do work on a computer is it still paperwork?  Anyway, I will be doing a lot of typing.

This is, of course, after I let the chickens have a morning run, and breakfast, and get the other animals (and myself) fed.  Then, if I have time, I might replant the zukes.  They went from two leaves to the true leaves in about a day or two, and the roots are now climbing out the bottom of the pot.  

Told ya they were ALIENS!!!


  1. Yep, old is just a matter of perception. Today, I feel as if I am as old as dirt. I may feel differently...

    Wasps, bees, and other flying things seem to be awake now. Spring is official.

  2. At 61 I've been feeling old lately, so thanks for helping put that number in perspective.

  3. You've made me feel young! Perspective will do that.

  4. Your "o" is for old had me thinking ~ I'm having a small prob with this years birthday . I don't think I can truthfully say I am middle age anymore well unless I live to be over 100 !
    Not many things get me feeling creepy ~ except wasps faces ... I think they are aliens ;) week

  5. I have to think about my age too. I don't think it's been a consideration since I turned 25 and freaked that "I was so old". Can't imagine it now. Perspective - yep, oldest person in my family 97. Guess I have a ways to go. Thanks for the post.

  6. Haahaa, I love your list. is all about perspective isn't it?


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