Tuesday, April 22, 2014

R is for Radio Shows.

So, what's old is new again...  Listening to the sounds of yesteryear...

"Only the Shadow Knows."
"Hi, ho, Silver!"
The creaking sounds of aliens coming out on "War of the Worlds".
Coconut hoofbeats.

I have listened to some on the radio, some on tape (which is, in and of itself, retro now...)  I have memories of going to see Cinnamon Bear when I was little, and Mom bought the CD to listen to the whole story.  I snitched them, it had been a bit since I'd heard it.

It is a storytelling form that lends itself to just listening and enjoying, but, to me, it is very unlike TV.  Your mind gives you the picture, letting your imagination have a go at it, not just blankly staring at a screen...

I had wondered if folks today would be able to enjoy the same fun...

Welcome to Nightvale.

Yep, podcast, the radio program of the future...


  1. Back when I worked on Sundays I enjoyed the ride to work listening to Fibber MaGee and Molly. Such simple comedy but still funny.

  2. The Chase and Sanborn Show! Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy were my favorites! My dad had 33 1/3 LPs of that, and it was hysterically funny. Yes, i'd much rather listen to shows than sit and watch.

  3. Your post brings back memories, for sure! Oh, that creaking door! We sat around the kitchen table and listened to Mystery Theater, The Green Hornet, and some comedy "shows". I didn't pay much attention to the soap operas Mom listened to, or the stories with the audience laughing - I believe it was beyond my understanding at the time. I remember how we waited for The Cisco Kid to come on, on Saturday mornings, yes, and the Lone Ranger.

    I still prefer to listen to the TV while I do something else with my hands. I don't like when I have to look to see what the intense music is about.

    You picked a great "R", Cat!

  4. I have to say, I haven't been able to get into podcasts yet. I have a tough time focusing when someone is reading aloud to me, but a friend of mine keepings trying...

  5. Sorry, that should have been keeps trying, not keepings trying. Yep, I can write reel gud. :)


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