Thursday, April 24, 2014

S is for sign your name here...

 I have India ink!

Why is this exciting, for me, anyway?

The white handled one, and the three golden colored ones are from my 95 year old Grandma.  She said she'd teach me how to write with a dip pen, I don't know if I will take her up on it or not, as I believe I have already learned most of the important 'stuff', (dipping fingertips with the pen is a BAD thing...)  The longer, art brush looking one, is from my Mom, and the center black one was from my Uncle.  So, family pens. (Which puts them one up on most ball points...) 

Oh, and why three of the same pen?  My Grandma told me that when she worked as a nurse, she had three different shifts.  The pens had green, red, or black ink, which is the color that was used during each shift.  (If you look at the tops, there is a bit of color to show which pen is which.)

So, one of these times, I shall put up a sample of writing of the pens... 


Leave it to a machinist...

Husband said he wanted some ice cream.  Asked me if I wanted some.  Without thinking how I said it, I made a cube motion with my fingers and said, "oh, just a little cube."

I then received this.  

After cracking up, I took this photo.  His response?

"If I knew you were going to take a picture for your blog, I would have made it a perfect square."
Yep, machinist.  

The chickens are really busy, so it must be spring.  I finally had to quit having the eggs out for the hens to set, there are some older ones that were laying very weak-shelled eggs, and the eggs would break.  Not nice to clean up, it would smother the other eggs, and it was generally not worth the effort at that point.  So, I might try a little later, but no setting, or chicks, at this point.  But, oh, my, WORD do we have eggs!  I think we are getting about just shy of a dozen a day.  Good thing I trade with my neighbors.  Even so, I probably still have 5 dozen or so in the fridge.  

Boiled eggs.  Not just for Easter anymore...  :)


  1. I look forward to seeing samples of your ink work.

  2. Those are beautiful pens! And deviled eggs are good anytime.

  3. Eggs... OMG, I went shopping on Wednesday and set the eggs in the back seat for safety... I forgot them... yesterday was warm and sunny... I'll bet they were cooked!

    I have drafting pens - somewhere - also calligraphy pens - somewhere. I'm hoping to find them when I move, LOL!


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