Saturday, April 26, 2014

U is for Unknown...

I don't know if this qualifies as "retro" like some of the other topics, but I kept trying to think of a word for U.  Other than unicycle, this one kept cropping up.

Unknown... When I was a little kid, I was sure I would be a telephone operator, or repair person, or a teacher.  Now, I am a volunteer at the Sheriff's Office (and possibly something more later, hope hope hope...) But when I was younger, that wasn't even on the radar.  Unknown.

I had always been healthy, never had a broken bone, then I had someone hit me in a truck doing 88.  More recently, the universe delighted in irony, having me break a bone while exercising.  I never knew what it took, until I had to learn to recover, to walk, and finally get more or less back into my country living again.  Unknown.

Learning how to find places I don't know, and haven't been to.  Learning skills that I am unfamiliar with, (shearing llamas was NOT a shining moment, boys and girls, but I tried), and just trying things that might not be in the dead center of my comfort zone.  Unknown.

Somehow, these things have all changed me, sometimes for better, for some, the jury is still out.
But still, I am glad for the occasional unknown... (However, could we pass on more broken bones?  PLEASE??!?!?)

And okay, I just have to add this because I mentioned unicycle... Not related to anything, I just thought it was fun.

Went to one of our local farmer's markets today.  It is the weekend of Arbor Day, and there were trees all over.  I knew there was a tree giveaway.  I figured, oh, had arrived late, and didn't figure I would get a tree.  

Well, I talked to someone, and they pointed at one of the stalls, and said, oh, well, you sign there, and you can have a tree.  Have?  Wha...  Oh,man, coolwantwantwant!

Now, we aren't talking twigs here, these babies are about 8 footers.  So I hot-footed it to the stall, and signed, as did Mom, and now there is an Elm, and a Maple in my yard, (Mom gave me hers).  Now I just have to get a spot to plant them, (along with several of my OTHER trees I have babied through this last season).  Poor Husband, he had to help me get these monsters out of the back of my truck.  I still wonder what it looked like for folks around my truck, I had all this shrubbery sticking out the back, with a tie-dye red spotted hankie tied on to a random branch, as the trees were sticking well over three feet past my truck bed!  

Went to the market for some cheese I like... Came home with cheese, two 8-10 foot trees, several herb plants, as well as some Kale plants, and carrot cake for my husband.  And saw several of my friends who were taking advantage of free trees and good stuff.

A morning well spent! 


  1. One can never have too many trees - right?!
    Love the unicycle picture!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful morning. It was unknown, when you left, what adventures you would have along the way, and they were good ones.

    Hope you find great spots for the trees, and that unicycle picture is hysterical! Bigger Girl loved it.

  3. Broke a bone while exercising? Another example of irony; my wife broke a rib waiting in the doctor's office. She leaned over the arm of a metal chair to pick something up from the floor and the rib snapped. At least she was in the doctor's office.

  4. What good fortune to get such large trees for your yard! I don't dare plant another tree - anywhere - my husband hates mowing around them. Guess he is not concerned about the shade and beauty they offer.

    Unknown... yes, the guy in the kilt... that whole thing...

  5. I love trees!! I wish I had a larger piece of property to plant more!!! My husband cringes if I mention the T word!!!
    I am not fond of that U word, unknown, a bit too scary, but that is kind of how the world turns, so must accept it!!
    I wanted to thank you for the visit to my blog too, enjoyed hearing from you!!!


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