Thursday, May 01, 2014

Y is for Yosemite Sam.

Saturday mornings.  Occasionally mornings, when I could get away with it.  Some weekend evenings, when Disney was on... Cartoons.

I learned strange things from cartoons, now referred to as "cartoon physics".  Things like:  a saw can go through a solid object with no visible starting hole, then cut a circle...  Most animals create lifelike outlines when they go through walls, or squash out flat, then flex into an accordion-like wave to recover.  Mice always seemed to be smarter than cats, rabbits were smarter than people, or pretty much any other animal, and coyotes... Well, super-genius wasn't the term I thought of, even at 6 years old.

I found that, as I became older, the cartoons that I loved as a kid... I still loved, but for a different reason.  There were things that, though dated in some cases, (I had to try explaining an "A Card" to a child I was babysitting.  15 minutes later, explaining WW 2 and rationing, and I realized that offering a cookie made a HECK of a lot more sense...), that were geared to grown ups. Caricatures of famous people,  references to things that adults would understand.  It was like I was growing up with the cartoon.  Or catching up, depending on your perspective.

Husband and I have found we both like cartoons, both video, as well as print.  In fact, I had started reading a cartoon on line, called Endtown, (can't seem to get a link, try Go Comics and type in Endtown), and I bought the 'dead tree' editions.  I left for a meeting, and came home, Husband had all these plans for this and that he was going to do.  I asked how his day went.  He turned slightly pink, smiled, and said he'd been reading comics the whole time while I'd been away!  We now read it together in the mornings.

I also have embarrassed Husband, because I say "What's up, doc?" to our neighbor.  Who is, in fact, a doctor.  Said doctor hasn't even batted an eye, which either means he hasn't noticed, or is ignoring the reference.  Knowing the man, either is a possibility.

I hope that some of the new cartoons, and comics, give people a feeling of community the way it has for me.  So, for now,

Th-th-that's all, folks!


  1. I'm a big fan of early cartoons up until the seventies but the new comics are horrible. I just don't like current animation.

  2. There must be something horribly wrong with me... the only cartoon that I was interested in at all, was the Roadrunner.

    I'm sure the doctor has heard that phrase a million times, :D

  3. Bugs and the gang were my favorites as a kid, and i still have a soft spot for crazy little Marvin the Martian.

    Yes, especially in Beanie and Cecil, a good bit of the humor was aimed at adults, and we don't get it until we are older.


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